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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Pamphlet 27 October 2009

Greed for power of the Communists hijacked JNU Student Union Election for two consecutive years in a row! Today, the Honorable Supreme Court deferred the hearing of the matter on Lyngdoh Committee Recommendations to 11 November 2009. This means even if a final judgment come on that date, which is almost impossible, JNU cannot conduct election this year considering the end-sem exam and the Winter break of the University. The Lyngdoh Committee recommended that election for the Student Union must be held on or before 20 September of that year. JNU Administration is already facing contempt charges for not implementing Lyngdoh Recommendations and may not like to violate the rule again. In that case, the AISA may again claim illegally that their members elected way back in 2007 are still the JNUSU Office Bearer in 2009. They may do this again and again as it is very beneficial for their cadre and for their leader. Recently one Rajan Pandey, a staunch AISA supporter and office bearer graphically explained about the conduct of AISA. Before resigning from AISA, Rajan had unmasked the real face of AISA. All attempt of AISA portraying themselves as the messiah of the backward classes of people backfired them. How their philosophy is decaying is told by none other than their own office bearer namely, Rajan Pandey.
The administration of JNU is also less concerned about the election as the Administration can take any decision without any opposition in the absence of a student union. Nobody knows when the next election may happen!
Politics produces strange bedfellows! ABVP and NSUI! The former called themselves as patriot and termed AISA as traitor. But the same ABVP supported AISA for non-implementation of Lyngdoh Committee recommendation in JNU and joined the Joint Struggle Committee. Suddenly they realised that like them AISA is not patriot and they must sever their ties with AISA. They did it but not before offering some weird logic. ABVP conceded to the fact that that they want election in JNU with Lyngdoh Recommendation without any delay. The NSUI, which is very proud for its patent in nationalism forwarded major argument against Lyngdoh Recommendation and shared everything with AISA for a long spell of 2008-2009. Abruptly something had happened to the whole of NSUI and they started distancing themselves from the Joint Struggle Committee. More surprises were still waiting as they supported election with Lyngdoh Committee Recommendations. The only group remained loyal to AISA’s scheme of thinking for long was SFI, the poor cousin of AISA. But this bonhomie did not last long and SFI started calling AISA’s illegal office bearers with a ‘new but friendly’ term “unelected JNUSU”. Now SFI is also feeling breathlessness and want election in JNU but they don’t want to support the view of YFE which is now accepted by ABVP and NSUI.
Today also at the Supreme Court when the matter came for hearing, the AISA lawyer never said anything about the Lyngdoh Committee implementation but about the JNU election. This way they managed another hearing and retain their illegal JNUSU tag. YFE counsel M.L Lahoty argued for an end of this imbroglio. The argument of Mr. Lahoty cut ice with the Judges Markanday Katju and A K Ganguly and they gave direction to all the concerned parties to come with a consensus date for next hearing for the final disposal of the matter. This matter can again be dragged for another hearing if AISA and JNU administration may not come out with their submission on or before 11 November 2009. JNU administration’s stand is dubious till date as it is the JNU administration which is responsible for the conduct of election as per the Lyngdoh Recommendation. JNU is unwilling to shoulder the responsibility. So the AISA is having field days during the past one year. There is no restriction on election in JNU if the University authority ensured the implementation of Lyngdoh Recommendation. The Lyngdoh Committee Recommendation praised two universities the JNU and CU, Hyderabad for their election procedure for small campuses but rejected the entirety of their election method.. CU, Hyderabad had already implemented the Lyngdoh Recommendation and it is working nicely there. The same can be replicated in JNU. But the stubbornness of AISA to remain in power illegally was making all effort to conduct student union election ineffective.
Who is suffering the most! It is the common student who is misled by AISA and SFI throughout the year. Mock hunger strike was undertaken at Ad Block by SFI and later the same was suspended without any notice. Lofty claims were made by AISA that election in JNU can be held without adhering to the Lyngdoh Recommendation. But the real intention of AISA was to be remained glued with the power. Now everything is clear to the student of JNU. The communists through their missionary efforts harmed the interest of the student throughout the year. The fee hike issue raised by AISA is no more an issue. With election receding into the background AISA may take this opportunity to celebrate their 1000 days of illegal occupation of JNUSU.


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