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Saturday, July 25, 2009

Pamphlet 24 July 2009, YFE JNU

No matter what ever coming into their way – shamelessness, defame, dishonour and even eviction from the premise of JNU, the illegal JNUSU never stopped claiming that they are the elected student body. The administration way back in 2008 admitted that the University never certifies the JNUSU elected in the year 2007. We are now in 2009 and still they are claiming that they are the elected student leaders and hold the office of JNUSU! There shamelessness has now crossed all limits as they are categorically told by the administration that JNU do not recognize the presence of JNUSU and they cannot open a counter for admission assistance!

The three frauds who claims themselves that they are the office bearer of JNUSU teaching the JNU student JNU culture! What is JNU Culture?

    • Occupying the JNUSU illegally and not respecting the student aspiration is JNU culture?
    • For how long the JNUSU function? Forcefully in true communist style capturing the office of JNUSU that is what the JNU culture?
    • Catching newcomers at the gate itself forcefully and instilling them fear and paranoia during the admission is what called JNU culture?
    • Why they wanted to teach JNU culture to the security officer, who was only following the order of the JNU administration? Isn’t the Vice-Chancellor, who head the JNU administration, does not know what JNU culture is?
    • For how long they will hold the JNUSU post and teach JNU culture to the students including the newcomers?
    • Occupying the JNUSU office for an indefinite period, is this what JNU culture?

Youth For Equality wanted to know, if there is any financial aid to the illegal JNUSU? We warn the administration not to hobnob with the illegal JNUSU, which is claiming legality day in and day out otherwise we have to seek the intervention of the Supreme Court to tell them that the administration must face the music for sheltering the illegal JNUSU.

We believe that the JNU administration is providing the illegal JNUSU the platform to function. This is unacceptable to the student community of this campus. It is the blunder of the JNU administration and the Communist student body, which never allowed the election inside the campus for the first time in its history! It is also clear that without following Lyngdoh Commission Recommendation, election into the JNUSU is not possible. No one is getting affected by the delay in JNUSU election but the students of this university.

The claim of the illegal JNUSU is strange! They are writing pamphlets that it was due to their efforts only that the admissions of the new students are possible! What a joke! Is it possible on the part of the administration to refuse a student who has got admission if there is no assistance from the illegal JNUSU? And what is the role of JNUSU, even if illegal? Instead of making the policy more transparent and easier, these stupid students are making the admission time as one occasion to recruit new students to their party fold! Why can’t there be single window system? Why assistance is required from professional political student bodies to take admission in JNU?

Now one after another student bodies including ABVP and SFI wanted JNUSU election! But the question arises here is – who stopped the student election? ABVP now succumbed to the Lyngdoh Pressure and ready to follow the recommendation of Lyngdoh Committee for student union election! SFI is suffocating under the breathlessness of allowing its friendly rival AISA to illegally occupy JNUSU office for an indefinite period! They forgot the contribution of Youth For Equality at the Supreme Court when the lawyer of YFE restrained the Supreme Court from ordering a blanket stay on the election. It was due to the YFE the stay was conditional and the condition was ‘if the university follows Lyngdoh Recommendation’ the Supreme Court has no objection for the JNUSU election.

The stupidity of these student bodies that are refusing to follow Lyngdoh recommendation for their personal benefit, is actually the biggest hindrance for JNUSU election. The presence of illegal JNUSU inside the campus is unacceptable to the JNU students and the administration must end the illegality.


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