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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Anti-Left forum comes up ahead of JNUSU polls


22 Oct 2008, 1224 hrs IST, PTI

NEW DELHI: Ahead of JNU students' union elections, a section of students in the campus have formed a platform to prevent the Left organisations from coming to power this year.

Led by an Iranian student, Farbode Vasighi, the newly formed 'Anti Communist League' is an effort to take all the forces together to prove that JNU is not limited to Left's ideology alone.

“Anti-Left forces are not less than pro-Left forces in JNU. Then why JNU is called Left's bastion. It has a national character,” said Farbode, a student of Persian Centre.

“Our aim is to destroy dominance of Left in JNU and create equal opportunities for all,” he added.

These students blame Left organisations for hijacking the whole administration of the campus.

“According to the constitution of JNUSU, the elections should have been over by October 21 this year. But, these Left groups purposefully conduct elections in festive season of Diwali and 'Chhath', due to which our supporters go home and we get less votes in the elections," said Amit Srivastava, a PhD student and co-convener of the forum.

Accusing the administration of targeting non-left students, he said, "Teachers in JNU have been a cadre of Left. You can be targeted in any way here."

To mobilise students, the conveners of the league have launched a campaign through SMSes, e-mails, orkut and facebook.


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