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Monday, October 20, 2008

YFE Pamphlet 19.10.2008



Youth For Equality is the need of the hour??

In the aftermath of Shri Rajiv Gandhi’s death, India stops
producing true national leaders capable of running India without
indulging in caste politics! Many caste based parties mushroomed and
the national parties were also sided with one or other caste. The
result is a divided India in the line of caste, creed, religion and
region. There is no political party now who can claim to represent a
united India. Campus never remained untouched from this divisive
caste politics and the reflection of this nasty politics can be seen
with a more sinister face. A good part of study time inside the
campus now devoted to discuss the benefit and loss of belonging to
one caste or another.

only North Indian students who are on their way to appear in Railway
Examination in Mumbai are beaten black and blue by the Maharashtra
Navnirman Sena. Youth For Equality condemns such act and committed to
end it not by word but through genuine means.

believe in the essential Indian ideal that we are not constrained by
the circumstances of birth but can make of our lives what we will.
Unfortunately, for too many, that ideal is not a reality. We have
more work to do. Youth For Equality will fight to end discrimination
based on race, sex, ethnicity, national origin, language, religion,
gender identity, age, and disability in every corner of our country,
because that's the India we believe in.

We aim at Casteless society i.e. society where there is no
discrimination on the basis of birth mark. Education for All
with special emphasis on women and children education. Good
that is Sensitive, honest, transparent, pro-people.
Employment opportunity for all the needy people. The Gandhian
model of employment, where a delicate balance of man and machine,
must be followed as India is a populous country. Health for all in
a healthy environment
. Develop and consolidate a feeling of
National Unity among people irrespective of religion, caste or
province. Promote and nurture excellence to make India a superpower.

What we
have achieved??

  • The
    agitation of Youth For Equality generated debate, tact and talk in
    the whole country. This has resulted huge increase of educational

  • Not
    a single medical or engineering seat has even been increased in the
    history of independent India despite the large increase of student
    population and demand. It is because of Youth For Equality there is
    now provision for massive increase of seats in all institutions of
    repute which includes IITs, IIMs, AIIMS, Centrally Funded Medical
    Colleges and Institutions.

  • YFE
    forced the national government to offer a whopping Rs. 224 Crores
    for JNU specific grant alone to increase infrastructure. This is not
    sufficient but vital at this hour. Not a single penny the leftist,
    rightist or centrist student body ever generated for our own

  • The
    YFE restrained the entire political class inside the campus and
    outside to implement the irrational OBC reservation policy for two
    years. Now the vacant OBC seats gone to general category students
    and no politics can be played on the implementation of OBC

  • Parity
    in amount of CSIR-UGC (8000/PM) Fellowship with that of UGC
    (12,000/PM) scholarship was a proud achievement of YFE! Contrary to
    this the leftist have beached the trust of the students and accepted
    lower amount (3000/5000) and unacceptable date (April 2007) for the
    release of UGC sponsored scholarship for the general category

  • The
    protest of YFE prompted the National Knowledge Commission to
    recommend 1500 new colleges (professional/Vocational) and 300 new
    Universities to be established in India.

we have still to achieve??

most important task is to force the government to provide free and
compulsory primary education to every children of India. The second
most important task will be to make reservation of any kind
irrelevant in India. This can be done through proper education and
catering the need of each person of the society.

argument after the OBC reservation judgment that a person with a
master degree is educationally forward hence must be discarded from
the quota benefit is still going on at the Supreme Court. This case
is very vital for all the student community and YFE is committed to

raised the bar of creamy layer to 4.5 lakh and this has exposed vote
bank politics of the government and its less concern for the poor and
deprived. YFE may not leave any stone unturned to correct the
malaise. There is a stalking danger to infuse quota in private
sector. YFE believe that will hinder the economic growth and
international reputation of India. In its recent verdict Supreme
Court has already disapproved quota in private sector. Reservation
one day must be the relic of an unfortunate past and we try to end it
through collective action.

the campus student bodies are now become the stooge of the political
parties. There is no independence of thought and action on the part
of student themselves. YFE is committed to fill the void. Now the
time is ripe for change. Time for Youth For Equality has come.


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