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Monday, October 13, 2008

YFE Pamphlet 12.10.2008




kind of a nation disowns its own people? What kind of country decides
that genius costs too much? That hard work and good performance does
not hold much water? Which country made caste as the sole criteria to
judge everything? The general category student has made turbulent
peace with the fact that Indian political class will never
appreciates their performance and they are hell-bent to divide the
society to get more votes.

the backward categories students have been accommodated in various
hostels of JNU immediately after their admission through various
quotas. This is the second kind of preferential treatment they all
have got within a short span of 15-20 days.

to that, even 2nd ranker students of various centres in
JNU belonging to general category have still to find a place in the
hostel! They are now moving from pillar to post to maintain their
admission in JNU. They are being punished for their performance in
the entrance exam where they have maintained extra-ordinary lead!
What crime these newly admitted students, who outperformed the rest,
have done? Who is there to speak for them? Possibly their horrifying
tale of sub-ordination by non other than the least performers is a
joy for the campus communists! The communists feel sadistic pleasure
when general category students suffer the most despite his/her best
performance! The administration is also not lagging far behind to
humiliate the general category students! One after another JNU
officials beating their breast in the media saying how they have
provided hostel facilities and double quota to all the backward
category students. Social justice is now a fashion and only one
section of the society – the so called branded backward –
deserve social justice in our country. Neither the JNU administration
nor the JNUSU utter a single word for the general category students
at any forum. The general category students never opposed the social
justice programme of the JNU or the communists! What they like to
tell loud and clear is that they must not be pushed to the margin for
no convincing reason. They have also the right to avail the rightful
share in all the facilities and no power can deter them to avail the


government in collaboration with the caste based leaders making
mechanical policies for the downtrodden without properly identifying
who the downtrodden exactly are! They have been doing this with total
contempt for the performers and excellence of any institution. They
are now shy to take lesson from history. To introduce the people of a
country in machine ways is a brutal business. Ambition and greed and
hurt and passion can do away with reason. Germany, with a great 19th
century roll call of philosophers and scholars, scientists,
mathematicians and astronomers somehow lost the 20th century. And in
the beginning of that century, Russia with a great developing
civilization, yet politically unbalanced, committed suicide. Iran in
1979 rejected the Shah and more profoundly turning away from the new
and the worrying finding in the recesses of its mind and heart an
unshakable nostalgia of certainties and ecstasies of its religion.
Nostalgia also came upon Japan after the pain and striving of Naigee

these countries have their own story of suffering for neglecting
their individuals and institutions of eminence. India cannot be
assessed on the rate of growth and mechanical policy alone. In our
own Bengal the beginning of the century 20th century had
such a great life. Bengal was the economic and intellectual leader of
India for more than a 100 years. Then as an aspect of being dazzled
by itself, it discovered Marxism and like poor Russia in 1917,
committed suicide. The economic lead of Bengal has vanished and so
has the cultural lead. Politics later swamped that life. What should
have been a flame in the independent is now only a flicker. In fact
if we go by the experience of some other countries, increasing
general wealth might start laying bare many of the conflicting
nostalgia and sources of old pain that poverty and subjection kept
half covered up.


air is now pestilential and it must be clear of suffocating particles
without any delay. We must oppose this gross injustice and we must
ensure the rule of law. We have to raise voice for a rational campus
and rational nation together. Youth For Equality is committed to this
philosophy and seeks support of all.


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