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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Single Point Agenda of YFE can equal the fraudulent multi-points agenda of leftist, rightist or centrist!!

The saying of Faiz Ahmed Faiz “Pal bhar ko amar, pal bhar main dhuan”, which means ‘they can make a moment eternal, they can be smoke in a moment’ would have reminiscent to Youth For Equality! A single point agenda for which Youth For Equality is fighting – accused our critics! How naïve – they failed to see what the Single Point Agenda have done to the nation even if we accept for a moment, for the satisfaction of our critics, that we act as they accused!
  • The single point agenda generated debate, tact, talk and financial engineering for the entire nation to increase educational infrastructure.
  • Not a single medical or engineering seat has been increased in the history of independent India despite the large increase of student ratio. It is because of Youth For Equality there is now provision for massive increase of seats.
  • The single point agenda of YFE forced the national government to offer a whopping Rs. 224 Crores for JNU alone to increase infrastructure. Not a single pie the shameless leftist or the treacherous rightist or centrist ever generated for our own university.
  • The single point agenda proved without any doubt that what the Youth and Student of the nation can do once determined to do. The YFE restrained the entire political class inside the campus and outside to implement the irrational OBC reservation policy.
  • The single point agenda pushed the established leftist inside the campus to the margin and told them in action – look what we have done in one year – increase in CSIR-UGC Fellowship! And also exposed what the leftist have done in one year – beached the trust of the students and accepted lower amount and unacceptable date for the release of UGC sponsored Scholarship.
  • The protest of YFE prompted the UPA government (where left is also a part) established Knowledge Commission to recommend 1500 new colleges (professional/Vocational) and 300 new Universities to be established in India.
  • The single point agenda includes running schools for the deprived in DU and in Kanpur, Running of Hospitals in Delhi and in IIT- Kanpur, Enlightening the society in Mumbai through the initiative called Doctors For You, fighting the case against irrational reservation at the Supreme Court, making presentation in front of the Minority Commission for the education of the Minorities, taking part with the landless tribals in the Janadesh Rally now in Delhi, fighting castiesm inside the campus as well as at work place and endeavoring to end poverty by the year 2015 in collaboration with the Art of Living-United Nation Millennium Campaign.
Even a frail mind can say without any difficulty that the single point agenda of Youth For Equality can equal the fraudulent multi-points agenda of leftist, rightist or centrist– which are the same for every year. They know that YFE’s single agenda is worth following. Strangely the communists are criticizing the YFE terming as castiest force!! Who is supporting Caste based reservation?? Who is working overtime to justify caste as class?? And who is betraying the Marx – taking class struggle to caste struggle?? The answer is the very communist forces of the campus!!
Few questions come to the mind of an average JNUite – why Left supporting caste? Why the left supporting reservation for creamy layer?? Why Bengal is having 15% OBC reservation instead of the 27%?
The Gujrat pogrom was a blot on humanity, so was the 1984 Sikh riots, Godhra Train Burning, Nandigram Massacre and Naxalism supported by the communists. YFE advocates for strong action against the perpetrators of those inhuman acts and feel that punishment is the only way to contain such incident in the future. Where ever there is a politician involved in mass crime they are getting scot-free because of their political maneuverability. This criminalization of politics and politicization of criminals must be stopped so the riots, act of terrorism as well as state sponsored terrorism.
Everybody knows how Chandan Mitra behaves inside the Parliament! He was one of the four righteous persons along with P.C. Alexandar, Prabhat Joshi and Rahul Bajaj to vote against the OBC reservation bill. Where the left was then not to ask how he can defy BJP as he is a BJP sponsored MP!! For the information of leftist it must be told that Mr. Mitra was a leftist as his profile say in the website and YFE feel he is a real leftist supported by the BJP. We are proud that he has already addressed YFE rally in the past and silenced the left inside the campus. YFE is not responsible or have any control to Mr. Mitra’s every act or behavior as he is an editor! We bye the notion of Bengal Chief Minister on globalization and that does not mean we are agree with his Nandigram massacre.
How come the ABVP ask question to YFE?? What happened to their Ram Mandir issue despite spending and salivating six long years in the power?? What happened to Uniform Civil Code?? What happened to the Nuclear Deal as the Next Step to Strategic Partnership was only started by Mr. Jaswant Singh and Mr. Brajesh Mishra?? If you spit towards the sun it will drop in your face only! The sun will remain as powerful and unaffected as before! Better it is to respect the sun! YFE is more than what it appears to the left and right!!

Hemant Kumar Deepika Singh
Chief Campaign Coordinator YFE Representative

“Likewise when in the present system the majority of the deprived classes are being deprived from availing benefits of reservation in jobs and in education few castes accruing major percentages of the benefits meant for the entire deprived classes. And even within these few castes the entire benefit is being accrued by few families of those few castes. The rest of the population of those particular castes remained behind because the persons who once got the benefit of reservation improved their education, social and economic condition and become powerful compared to their fellow brethren so the other people who are still to get the benefits of reservation lagging behind in the competition with those who already availed the benefits. When some families are fully capable to avail the benefits of reservations and other concessions at the same time the rest of the population of the same castes become more backward. In this way the benefits of reservations and other concessions concentrated within few families only. These dynastic beneficiaries of reservations grossly hurt the welfare of other castes. Deprived persons and families become more deprived because of intra-competition within the same castes. The committee also recommends that the abovementioned reservation system to be operationalized by the government should not be made a permanent feature and there must be an evaluation of the effect of such system in every 5 years and if necessary changes must be made in the reservation system.” Report of the Social Justice Committee Constituted by the UP Government, 31.08.2001.


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