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Sunday, October 28, 2007

JNU Student Union Election 2007: Agenda and Central Panel Candidates

The massive mandate given to Youth For Equality during the last year’s JNUSU election reposed a series of new responsibilities on the shoulder of Youth For Equality. During the last one year the growth of Youth For Equality inside the JNU campus was from strength to strength and visible every where. Youth For Equality fielded for all the four central panel posts of JNUSU. The contestants are as follows:

The Youth For Equality, JNU played vital role in the campus development activities and other student related issues. The struggle against the unequal scholarship provided by the JNU to its SCs/STs students and general category students was the most important one, which is still continue and to be continued till the objective of equal scholarship to SCs/STs and General Candidates is achieved.

The historic stay on 29 th of March 2007 to the OBC reservation by the Supreme Court of India was a product of Youth For Equality, JNU's handiwork in collaboration with other institutions of India.

JNU always take stand on issues of national as well as international importance. On the issue of Nuclear Deal with the US, the Youth For Equality, JNU Chapter believes that the deal is beneficial for the nation and should be inked with all safeguard. "As the world's largest democracy, India represents the hopes and aspirations of literally millions of people around the world, not just its own people, but beyond its own boundaries. A set of issues difficult for many in the Parliament of India to debate, and it certainly has been difficult for members of the Senate and House of Representatives to resolve".
The betrayal of left with whole JNU student community just happened before JNUSU election when they compromised with administration and did not utter a single word against administration, when It started giving UGC scholarship only from April 2007, however, in other central universities UGC scholarship is being implemented from 2006. It is youth for Equality who raise the voice and committed to make UGC Scholarship equal to Rajiv Gandhi Scholarship.

The other issues of Youth For Equality for the JNUSU election are:

* Revive democratic tradition of JNU and to restore the transparent system in administration and Education
* Implementation of UGC fellowship for MPhil and PhD students from 2005
* UGC scholarship must be equal to Rajiv Gandhi Fellowship for SC/ST, needs of all students are same so, why less amount for rest of students!
* More Students facilities in XI plan of JNU
* Students representation in Academic Council
* Accountable and responsible student union
* To restore the mechanism of justice and equal opportunity in university
* LAN and Wi-Fi facilities for entire campus
* 24 X 7 health facilities and full functional hospital
* Single window admission process and to availability of hostels at the time of admission
* Placement cells for each schools and a central placement cell must be established
* More efficient GSCASH, Grievance redress cell and to stop the politically motivated misuse these mechanism, which in practice by leftist against their opponent

Outside the campus in collaboration with its counterpart in AIIMS, DU, IIT and other medical colleges in Delhi and outside the JNU Youth For Equality played a vital role. YFE, JNU Chapter travelled Mumbai, Kanpur, Benaras, Bangalore and Bhopal to disseminate the ideas of Youth For Equality. This year's JNUSU election is going to be the election of YFE, we can say safely.



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