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Sunday, October 28, 2007

YFE for Basic Students Problems: Pamphlet 27.10.2007

‘When you cannot convince, confuse them’! This is how the Indian political system is working and the Left parties of this campus mistaking that since the vibrant JNU campus is inside India, so vulnerable to the above maxim. They are practicing the same since long before every election with the lone aberration of last year when the Youth For Equality entered into the political fray. Since then the contour of political debate has taken towards a positive, constructive and student oriented angle! Even for issues of national importance the stand of Youth For Equality is actually making inroad towards the collective mind of the student community with sheer conviction.
Allegations have been leveled against the activities and achievements of Youth For Equality. The questions arises are what happened to the outgoing JNUSU office bearers? Who prevented them to take student friendly stand and agitation? Who opposed them not to demand increase in the number of CSIR and UGC scholarship for research scholars? And finally why they failed to convince the Vice-Chancellor of JNU to equalize the amount and date of release of the UGC sponsored Scholarship with that of the Rajiv Gandhi Scholarship to the student of JNU research scholar!
It is self evident that two lies cannot make or face one truth! Haqiqat wo khudnumai cheez hai, jisko na did-o-dad ki jarurat hoti hai, said Faiz Anwar Faiz, which means not exactly ‘truth does not require any audio-visualization’! And what is truth, the truth is CSIR and UGC are under Department of Science and Technology (DST) and Ministry of Human Resources Development (MHRD) respectively not the other way around. Who rule to whom or in other words who direct whom to follow the instruction? It is the parent organizations DST and MHRD in this case who direct their offshoots CSIR and UGC. And the official orders have already been produced through different notices including the YFE pamphlet of 25.10.07 how the demands have been met due to the persuasion of Youth For Equality. What is new the left force discovered! A line in the saying revision of fellowship is under active consideration and decision will be notified. What else one expect from the CSIR and was not it an achievement to force CSIR to consider and take a decision on the increase of number and amount of fellowship! Youth For Equality with all concerned students wonder if CSIR can defy the DST order! Everybody knows how government machinery functions and how long it may take to come to a final decision.
But the primary question is what the left forces have done during the last year? Much have been said about Youth For Equality, its work, achievements, claims and counter claims. What the JNUSU have done during the last whole year! What are the achievements they can publish in front of JNU community after one year say one, two, three in no uncertain terms! It was a scandalous session 2006-2007 passed when not a single student welfare oriented activity was undertaken by the JNUSU! It was hypocrisy on the part of the JNUSU to choose to work for workers of the campus at the cost of the student issues. No one have the slightest doubt that workers issue is also important but at what cost and what was the mandate for. And most importantly what happened to the workers for whom the left forces worked for the whole year! The question the student community wants to ask the outgoing JNUSU office bearers was: tell us the student issues you have addressed during the last one year? What happened to the election pledge of last year where you promised the implementation of OBC reservation also? Why have you accepted less amount and nearest date of releasing the scholarship for the UGC scholarship?
‘Caesars’ death is more powerful than Caesars life’. Youth For Equality have done things beyond the reach and comprehension of left forces like – blockage of irrational implementation of OBC reservation, increase of scholarship for research scholar both in CSIR and UGC to mention a few.

Sd/ Sd/
Hemant Kumar, Chief Campaign Coordinator Shikhar Jha, YFE representative

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