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Saturday, October 11, 2008

YFE Pamphlet 10.10.2008



Students Union and
Students Plight

JNUSU is visible when and where there are non-students issues come!
JNUSU feel proud to raise workers wage issue; it again feels very
much concerned to oppose the Indo-US nuclear deal; still it feels its
duty to oppose the TATA in Singoor. Not a single issue related to
students has even been addressed neither by the current JNUSU nor its
predecessor. The reason of such act is simple – use JNU and JNU
students as a medium and platform for establishing oneself within the
mainstream corrupt political parties. While doing so they are
compromising the interest of the students and the university. It is
now time to debate what is the use of such puppet student body, which
cannot even utter a word of its own! When there will be student
centric and sensitive students take the place of

you have qualification,
& if Government have a job,
No other suitable candidate is there ........................

You Will Not Get The Job.......


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