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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

YFE Pamphlet 21.10.2008



Why Youth For Equality is the need of the hour??

One communist student body (SFI) was taken over by another set of radicals but more inefficient communist student body (AISA) during the 2007 JNUSU election. The tall claim of AISA had fallen flat when the year 2007-08 ended without a single achievement to name! AISA’s style of functioning does not include the welfare of student or welfare of campus! That’s why they remained a mute spectator to the end number of discriminatory treatment meted out to various sections of JNU student in matter ranging from hostel allotment to scholarship issue. The outgoing JNUSU never raised the issue of placement cell in JNU and cannot think of e-governance. All the infrastructure including adequate no of computers meant for the e-governance programme gathering dust in JNU but AISA have no time to modernize the campus and least interested to make the university more student friendly. JNU follows archaic system of admission, registration and its policies are more painful for those who intended to submit Dissertation and Thesis. AISA want to make it more complicated and prefer to stay in the Stone

If we forget for a moment about the campus activities – the most popular theme of AISA was Singoor. Contrary to their claim, the farmers and families who were earning their bread and butter from TATA Plant in Singoor are now committing suicide after the departure of TATA. AISA must be very much satisfied seeing the population of Singoor starving after the departure of TATA! Due to heavy construction activities in JNU the number of workers actually increased over the one year but AISA stopped persuading their cause! Probably it is no more productive politically for AISA! There is no end of their failures!

YFE to check the champion of competitive reservation politics!

Another party ABVP (champion of caste based OBC reservation) with all its loud words for nationalism and national unity actually work overtime to divide the society on caste basis. Twice its parent party BJP had bent the Indian Constitution to accommodate its vote greed interest
by promoting sectarian interest. First the BJP bent the constitution in the year 2000 with

This was meant to overrule the Supreme Court order on the rule against the carry forward policy! Look at this how BJP’s Vasundhara Raje made the proposal: “The Supreme Court of India in its judgment in the Indra Sawhney versus Union of India held that the number of vacancies to be filled up on the basis of reservations in a year including carried forward reservations should in no case exceed the limit of fifty per cent. The Government,
after considering various representations, reviewed the position and has decided to make amendment in the constitution so that the unfilled vacancies of a year, which are reserved for being filled up in that year in accordance with any provision for reservation made under clause (4) or clause (4A) of article 16 of the Constitution, shall be considered as a separate class of vacancies to be filled up in any succeeding year or years and such class of vacancies shall not be considered together with the vacancies of the year in which they are being filled up for determining the ceiling of fifty percent.”

BJP’s scheme of promoting caste does not end here and in the year 2002 brought another amendment. This time extending reservation in promotion! Scandalous one can say and while doing so the BJP actually killed the efficiency factor at work place in one stroke. Now onwords promotion no more on the basis of performance but caste. THE CONSTITUTION (EIGHTY-FIFTH AMENDMENT) ACT, 2001[4th January, 2002], brought by the BJP government made provision for reservation in promotion, that means promoting the already empowered! The amendment says: “Amendment of article 16.

In article 16 of the Constitution, in clause (4A), for the words "in matters of promotion to any class", the words "in matters of promotion, with consequential seniority, to any class" shall be substituted.” Now the time has come to realize the folly. Let’s choose our leader with reason and result oriented analysis. Lets make no mistake in choosing Youth For Equality.


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