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Friday, October 24, 2008

YFE Pamphlet 24.10.2008



Kumharin (Amrita Rao)
: Mausi (Aunty), how did you realized that
your daughter was maha-amangli


Kushwaha (Shreyas Talpade):
Yes Mausi, how did you know?

(Ila Arun):
Son, when my daughter was born, as many as three
buffalo dies in the village! Not only

this when
she was eight year old, her grand father was dead! That is how we

delivered by the protagonists of Shyam Benegal made superstition
satire “Welcome to


similar situation appeared in the mind of few anxious politically
motivated student bodies of JNU who are alleging Youth For Equality
saying that YFE is behind the implementation of Lyngdoh committee
recommendation in JNU election. The first thing come into mind is –
is YFE that powerful to implement anything in JNU? Is the JNUSU
admitting the fact that YFE is more powerful than the JNUSU itself??

Let’s talk fact:

all this drama over Lyngdoh Recommendation began?

Court sought an explanation on last Tuesday why Lyngdoh Committee's
recommendations are not being adhered to during the students' body
election. The notice was sent to the JNU administration and JNUSU,
following a petition being filed by Gopal Subramanium.

has filed the petition?
Gopal Subramanium

the hell is this Gopal Subramanium?
Additional Solicitor
General of India, it is one of the politically appointed legal
advisor posts of incumbent government. He is the same person, who was
throughout against Youth For Equality in Supreme Court during YFE’s
fight against OBC reservation.

has appointed Gopal Subramanium?
Congress led UPA government
where all the Communists were part when his appointment was made.

was the stand of JNU Administration?
JNU administration said,
JNU honor the Supreme Court order in letter and spirit. JNU also said
that no one is above the law of the land so JNUSU have to adhere to
the SC order.

happened to the last year JNUSU and Election Commission of JNU which
got elected without following Lyngdoh guidelines?
Both the
bodies never got the ascent of the JNU Vice-Chancellor, fearing
contempt of court order. So the last year JNUSU was an illegal body,
which fooled the student of JNU for whole one year.

was the stand of JNUSU in the Supreme Court?
Despite the court
order no one on behalf of JNUSU appeared.

appeared on behalf of JNUSU?
It is Election Commission of JNU
instead appeared in the Supreme Court and that too by a former Chief
Election Commissioner of JNU, who is no more a student of JNU.

the big question is what was the role of Youth For Equality in this
whole affair?
Nothing! Literally! Youth For Equality was never
a party to this affair, so YFE lack the requisite legality to speak
on behalf of anybody. In any court, no person can speak other than
the parties involved. Youth For Equality never be a party so no
question of taking any stand.

is the fuss about Ad. M.L. Lahoty’s presence at the Supreme
Court on behalf of Youth For Equality?
Ad. M.L. Lahoty is a
Supreme Court lawyer and it is no surprise that he was in Supreme
Court today! Before employing any lawyer, a Vakalatnama is required
to be signed by the client with the Advocate. Has Youth For
Equality signed any such Vakalatnama with Ad. Lahoty?
No, in no
uncertain term! And how come Ad. Lahoty take a stand in favor of
Lyngdoh Committee when two of our own central panel candidates may
face axe without delay if Lyngdoh recommendation followed by JNU?

But the
net question is can JNU student union election procedure overrule the
Supreme Court order? Is JNU above the law of the land? The student
communities of JNU have to respond this question.

is the stand of Youth For Equality?
We believe in the law of the
land and we honor the Supreme Court order. But since the Lyngdoh
Committee itself louded JNU model of election, it must be protected
at any cost.

who must own the responsibility of protecting student interest??
JNUSU of course! But the spineless and shameless illegal JNUSU
never bother to present the proper picture at the Supreme Court and
instead it is behaving as if they are acting in the movie Welcome to

The only
alternative in JNU for JNU student is Youth For Equality.

Mishra/ Chief Campaign Coordinator


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