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Friday, October 24, 2008

YFE Pamphlet 23.10.2008

Youth For Equality

Why Youth For Equality is the need of the hour 23.10.08

I came, I saw, I conquered According to Plutarch , the words by which Julius Caesar succinctly described one of his victories. When a normal student enters JNU he/she feel that he/she has conquered a war. Within no time they started feel: I came, I saw and am now frustrated! Why -

The Scene 1: A young, anxious, curious and promising fresher entered into the portals of the prestigious Jawaharlal Nehru University. After a harried journey and ride to the campus, the winding and gradually undulating roads, the verdant greenery and the impressive Ad Block building are a soothing balm on his/her frayed nerves. One look at the statue of our first PM, standing tall and elegant next to the Ad Block and the entrant cant help but feel proud of his/her stars, to have made it here.

The Scene 2: The admission process begins. The fresher is handed a sheaf of folios and asked to fill them out. “What, all of these”, s/he asks in sheer bewilderment. “These are meant to “facilitate” your admission procedure”. The term facility seems to have a different meaning in JNU; its synonyms could be cumbersome, tedious and unnecessarily taxing. If filling out the zillion documents was not enough, then throw in running from pillar-to-post for hostel allotment, if you were lucky enough to get one at all. As s/he wakes up to these facts of the administration, the now not-so-enthusiastic student is left thinking, “ Is this the JNU of my Dreams?”

E-governance: The Solution to These problems

Lets re-imagine the aforementioned situation, albeit in a novel way.

The student comes to JNU and reaches the ad-block. Instead of having a barrage of paperwork hurled onto him/her, they are greeted by a single-window system of admission; they start with feeding in their registration number into a computer terminal, which tells them their rank within the center, for the course that they have applied for. Candidates who have made it to multiple courses are informed of all their options and asked to choose likewise.

Having made up his/her mind, the student is now asked to fill out a SINGLE prototype of the folio, online. A facsimile of this document is dispatched to all the offices where it is required, also online. Any mistakes in filling out the form will be highlighted by the computer and the candidate will be prompted to rectify them, then and there.

For fee deposition, the candidates will have to carry a DD of the requisite amount with them and simply fill up the draft no. as and when prompted by the computer; no hassle of waiting in long queues for balance. Online bank services will be provided, in case one does not have a draft.

This being done, the page would change to the hostel allotment procedure. Since the details are already with the administration, the hostel availability status, in view of the rank and seniority of the candidate, will be displayed on the screen. The candidates will be told of the dates when the hostel allotment starts and the allotment procedure will be online as well.

As the day ends, the student returns to his/her abode, relaxed and unruffled. As he thinks about the great ease with which he spent his day, so productively, he can’t help but think, “This is the JNU of my dreams”.Youth For Equality is committed to the e-governance and once it win the JNUSU election, the first thing after the scholarship issue will be that of e-governance as described above. Only student support is required to convert this archaic system into a modern one. Lets join hand to make this university modern and student friendly.

Youth for Equality invites all for a Public Talk on : Reservation Vis-à-vis Equal Opportunity

Tonight 23rd October, 9:30 PM Mahi-Mandavi Mess

Central Panel

President : Vikram Singh

Vice President : Brundabana Mishra

Gen. Secretary : Amit Ranjan

Joint. Secretary : Raghib Akhtar


SLL & CS -Pankaj, Pranav, Pratyush, Md. Mohtashim

SSS -Vinod Kumar

SIT -Arvind Singh Mer

SBT -Shivendra Kumar

SLS: -Vibhor, Goutam, Preksha


Shri Sharad Anantrao Joshi: Member of Parliament (Rajya Sabha).

Prof. Makhan Lal: Distinguished Historian,

Former Director, Institute of Archaeology, Delhi.

Prof. P.V. Indiresan: Eminent Scholar,

Former Director, IIT Madras.

Manish Mishra Hasan Mohammad

Chief Campaign Coordinator, YFE YFE Representative


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