Youth for Equality, Jawaharlal Nehru University

Monday, October 27, 2008

Letter to the VC







DELHI – 110067

Dear Sir,

We the representatives of Youth For Equality like to inform you
that we are in favor of JNUSU election as per Lyngdoh Committee
Recommendations and honor the Hon’able Supreme Court’s
Order dated 24.10.08.

Sir, we believe that the campus student activities must remain
untouched from the nasty political interference and planting of
stooge student body by various political parties. Though the present
system of JNU election is a role model for other institutions, still
there is lots of room for improvement. The Hon’ble Supreme
Court has precisely directed improvement in JNU election by guiding
us how to improve our unique election model and how to keep us safe
from corrupt and disruptive political onslaught from outside the

Sir, Youth For Equality share the anxiety of the common student
of JNU as the future of the academic year is now uncertain
considering the disruptive missionary zeal of various student bodies
backed by the support of their parents political parties. There is a
pressing need to end this uncertainty. The administration must ensure
sound academic environment in our campus. We don’t want to
prolong this uncertainty and as the court has fixed the
responsibility of implementation of Lyngdoh Committee Recommendation
to conduct JNU election on the JNU administration, there shall not be
any dilution or disregard of the court order on the part of JNU

Finally we like to inform you with a heavy heart that the JNUSU’s
lawyer was lying and portraying wrong picture of JNUSU election 2008
as has been evident from what he said at the Supreme Court that ‘if
Lyngdoh Recommendation will be applied in JNU all candidates will be
disqualified’. This is not true and unacceptable to YFE. It is
during this time learned counsel Mr. M.L. Lahoty interfered in the
court room and told the truth on behalf of YFE. Sir, two of our
central panel candidates may face axe if Lyngdoh recommendations
applied but we are ready to pay any price for the betterment of the

With this we would like to inform you that since we become a
party to this case, no one is allowed to misinterpret truth on our
behalf and we request the JNU administration to follow the guidelines
as per the court order. Deviation from any of the legally established
truth, fact and direction may force us to seek the court’s
intervention to correct any malaise inside the campus.

Sincerely yours,

  1. Vikram Singh, (Presidential Candidate 08)

  2. Brundaban Mishra, (Vice Presidential Candidate 08)

  3. Amit Ranjan, (Gen. Sec. Candidate 08)

  4. Raghib Akhtar (Jt. Sec. Candidate 08)

  5. Manish Mishra (Chief Campaign Coordinator, 08)

  6. Deepika Singh, YFE representative

  7. Manpreet Kaur, YFE representative

  8. Gopaljee Gopal, YFE representative


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