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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Pamphlet 28 July 2009, YFE JNU

As the admission of new entrants is going on, voices of politically backed student organizations of JNU campus is getting shriller. Claims and counterclaims are selling like hot cake. Few students trying their best to portray themselves as the JNUSU of this campus! The illegal claim of JNUSU has even been punctured by the JNU administration by denying them a seat in any official meeting and also denying them the copy of any official meeting. But not ashamed of this kind of treatment by the JNU administration, the illegal self proclaimed office bearer JNUSU ballooning their claim as JNUSU with pamphlets and with sticker in their chest and running from newcomer to newcomer trying to convince them that they are the ILLEGAL JNUSU of this campus. Even before a newcomer enter to this campus he or she may taste the bitter test of nasty politics inside the campus.

The latest stunt of the illegal JNUSU was trying to score point by targeting the security apparatus of the university. Even a newborn baby knows the fact that the JNU security is not here to harass any student or student body but only to follow the instruction of the university. If they are so confident of their official post why they are not storming the official meetings of JNU, from where they have been discarded unceremoniously? But the reaction as well as reflection of other student bodies inside the campus on the issue of the status of the illegal JNUSU is like that of ‘don’t ask don’t say’. But this stand is for public consumption and privately all of them must be cursing themselves for supporting privately an illegal JNUSU! When Lyngdoh was being debated inside the campus whether to be implemented or not everybody boasting the long standing tradition of JNU election!

      • Now what happened to that long standing tradition?
      • Is that long standing tradition of JNU election is still protected?
      • Is it true that all the students of JNU are happy with the illegal and forced occupation of JNUSU by AISA?
      • Who give them the mandate to push the JNUSU election into an uncertain future?
      • Neither the Supreme Court of India nor the Government of India is desperate to conduct the JNUSU election! Also the JNU administration is very happy with the absence of a JNUSU! Who is ultimately suffering for not abiding by the Lyngdoh Committee Recommendations?
      • It is only YFE which is proudly supporting Lyngdoh Committee Recommendation and it was YFE lawyer, who saved JNU from an indefinite stay on election. Who is responsible for not conducting election and making the Supreme Court stay a permanent order?

But few questions are very interesting as everybody know its answer but nobody like to answer it in public! It is like the old traditional Hindu wife, who knows her husband’s name better than anybody else but never names him in public for reason unknown to even her!

      • What is the stand of SFI, ABVP and NSUI on the legality of JNUSU?
      • SFI, ABVP and NSUI want JNUSU election but when and how?
      • Why SFI, ABVP and NSUI want JNUSU election if they don’t have any opposition to the present illegal JNUSU?
      • Doesn’t the JNU student understand hypocrisy and the fact that SFI, ABVP and NSUI have accepted Lyngdoh Committee Recommendation in Delhi University and in all over India but in JNU?
      • When is the next hearing on JNUSU election at the Supreme Court? AISA is rumoring the fact that they are told by their lawyer that the next hearing is on 16th of August 2009! This is a white lie as this date is a Sunday!

Nothing much can be done in this regard! YFE lawyer has already approached the Supreme Court and requested that YFE is ready to contest the election with Lyngdoh Recommendation and election in JNU be allowed to which the Supreme Court have no objection. But the JNU administration, which is the nodal body to conduct the elections, is facing contempt of court for not adopting Lyngdoh in the year 2006 and 2007 JNUSU election and hence is paralyzed to conduct any election! It is a catch 22 situation and only adhering to Lyngdoh can save JNU’s long tradition of student union election!


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