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Friday, July 31, 2009

Pamphlet 30 July 2009, YFE JNU

There is a saying in Hindi ‘Chor Ke Dadi Main Tinka’. Probably this may suit nobody better than the Shameful AISA. We don’t know about which lab of SLS they meant refereeing to the YFE pamphlet, but there must be something fishy, which one or more member/s of the said lab knows and of which the AISA is paranoid! Friends let us talk fact:

    • AISA said twice UGBM extended their term, even then also their term was over in May 2009! Aren’t they ashamed of calling them as JNUSU?

Strange is AISA’s believe on JNU Tradition! Are we going to extend the JNUSU through UGBM for another 40 years to preserve the JNU tradition of last 40 years! When the terms of the JNUSU end? Only AISA knows as they only are well versed in JNU tradition! Another set of facts:

    • If the JNUSU does not require any stamp from the VC, why have not they gone to election in 2008? What happened to the immunity of JNUSU from the office of Vice Chancellor?
    • Why it is that the stamping of the Vice Chancellor is accepted all the 40 years of JNU tradition with the Election Commissioner getting certificate from the JNU Vice Chancellor?
    • If the VC does not mean anything to the JNUSU, why the same VC denied them a seat in any of their official meeting in the post November 2008 scenario? Why they denied copy of any official proceeding? If the JNUSU can’t seat in the any of the meeting of JNU administration, what is its use and who care its existence? What happen to the student mandate in the UGBM?
    • If the UGBM is so valid & so strong why JNUSU is not allowed a space in JNU administration?
    • AISA is shameless – all YFE counselors have resigned from their post and the submission is made to the Supreme Court of India on 2 January 2009 and the wording of the submission said: “We believe in the law of the land and we honor the Supreme Court order. When we realized the fact that the 2007 JNUSU was illegal, all the student representatives of Youth For Equality elected during the 2007 student union elections resigned without any delay. (Resignation letter is attached)”.
    • It is not the YFE but the same above certification authority namely Vice Chancellor who said that JNUSU is illegal replying to an RTI and it is only YFE which is daring to tell the truth!

AISA is only degrading the student mandate in the UGBM. They cannot restore the prestige of the students they have lost for their greed to remained glued to the chair.

YFE never started the student assistance process during admission, neither it is desperate to do it! YFE never paranoid newcomers with threat, neither YFE accommodate the freshers in exchange of vote! Rather YFE advocates one widow admission system done by the administration! Is not it possible to assistant the student without a political tag if there is a need to assist? It is well established that who stones YFE member Sumeet Kishore to grab a newcomer in 2007! A known AISA criminal Rajan Pandey’s near fatal attack to Sumeet Kishore in 2007 and his subsequent rustication from JNU is a proof how AISA run admission assistance!

If there is a competition on shamelessness and betrayal nobody beats AISA! The AISA knows better than anyone else who started the meritocracy movement way back in 1990? If the memory of AISA does not falter they must recall the fact that it was AISA with NO MANDAL NO COMMANDAL slogan! What happened to them now? One thing is clear – when you spit towards the sun, it will drop on your face only! But opium protect you from shamelessness!

AISA people are imbecile. It was known to all, even the illiterates, that Adl. Solicitor General Gopal Subramaniam complains to the Supreme Court about the non-implementation of the Lyngdoh in JNU and YFE had no role in it! AISA lawyer told to the Supreme Court that all JNU community disagree with Lyngdoh recommendation and it was at this time YFE lawyer stood up and said YFE is agreeing with Lyngdoh! Who authorized the AISA lawyer to speak on behalf of YFE?

Betrayal??? The students memorized history! They all aware of the communist betrayal during the Quit India Movement and during China War! Who are habitual betrayers? Even the communists spell their own name without hesitation!


It is disgusting that few power hungry communists equating themselves with Bhagat Singh, Azad, Asfaq who embraced death but never accepted any compromise or position, with Dushyant who embraced humiliation but refused any literary awards or material comforts, with JP who prefer jail to any ministerial birth!

AISA talks a lot about YFE money! But where does its own funding comes for the year long pamphlets, for huge hoardings, for funding election and for opium??? AISA arrested the helpless Registrar for eight hours – was it not a rude display of muscle power? AISA attacked Sumeet Kishor and send him to cranial injury – was not that a bizarre display of muscle power? Much has been talked about UGBM. YFE believes that to extend an electoral mandate the appeal of the UGBM is limited. Unlike the election, majority of students never participate in UGBM and hence it has no authority to extend electoral mandate! What about UGBM? What is the voting procedure of UGBM?

    • Is it open? Is it secret? Is it through secret ballot paper? Is it through EVM? At what time the UGBM voting takes place? And what is the percentage of participation of JNU student, in the name of whom they are ruling, at the voting?
    • AISA people must be under the influence of OPIUM! Always!

Lyngdoh never restrict JNU tradition, debate, discussion or anything! It only restricts the inroads of nasty political parties into the campus! Lyngdoh is an obituary message to the stooges of political parties. Student knows that better!


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