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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Pamphlet 13.09.2009

“Similar instructions were conveyed last year vide my letter No.23011/26/2008-IF.1 dated 7th July, 2008. However, I regret to say that those instructions were not given required importance”. This is not the wording of Youth For Equality to the various universities of India but the word from the Horse’ mouth. You can find this wording at page no 3 of the much touted MHRD order of 12 September 2009, which is now a raging debate inside the campus. The same MHRD directive issued in the name of Secretary, Higher Education also states that ‘I would, therefore, request you to kindly attend to this personally and ensure that these economy instructions are followed scrupulously’. The very letter which created havoc inside the campus also bear the testimony that last year also similar order passed on to universities but no university bothered to follow that. Why AISA making a mountain out of a molehill?

What happened in JNU after the directive issued by the MHRD? After one month of the 12 September 09 order, the Executive Council of JNU met on 12 October 09. Before this meeting AISA with all its misguiding capacity collected a group of students and marched to the MHRD. On the very day of Executive Council meeting the same AISA with the same misguiding capacity again collected a group of student to shout before the EC meeting at AD block of JNU. SFI came out of confusing pamphlet – half hearted, half supported the 20% resource generation measures and half opposed, NSUI is in utter confusing and even dump their own poster boy Rahul Gandhi in their pamphlet. Only Youth For Equality stood firm and welcomed the 12 September 09 move of MHRD with innovative proposals. YFE asked everybody not to be entrapped with these kinds of politically motivated issues and student must opt for a national approach full of dedication and service to the nation! Finally, the meeting of JNU’s Executive Council held and the very matter never comes for discussion. Forget about the implementation of MHRD proposal, the directive never figure in the agenda of EC meeting. Now all the political parties searching for cover – thinking why their astrological calculation never comes true on the paranoia called FEE HIKE?

Once the OBC quota is fully implemented, JNU will be having 8,000 students. Everybody knows how much they paid during admission - a mere Rs.220 per semester. It is not humanly possible to raise the Rs.220 to such a level that it may cover the 20% resource generation measures from the campus. SFI advocated for the ‘capacity to pay’ theory! They know very well that a DPS school student have to pay Rs.50, 000 while studying in high school and once the same students out of school and in JNU the fee will be Rs.220. This is actually char sau bishi not 220. SFI also lately welcomed the JNU administration’s proposal to sell admission form free of cost to BPL student! What a farce? When the administration providing free admission form to the BPL people they blocked the administration’s attempt to do so as they wanted free JNU form for their rich friends and now they are shedding crocodile tear for the BPL people.

Fee hike is neither an option nor a solution! Even if the administration doubles the existing fee the collection will be not more than Rs.10 Lakh. Moreover, in order to collect the money the administration have to spend nearly the same amount. JNU’s electricity consumption only exceeds Rupees 9 crore per annum. Like this there are many such areas where the amount is hefty and beyond the capacity of the students to think about meeting the same. The MHRD letter is mainly directed against the expenditure in foreign travel, seminars and other avoidable expenses often held in Five Stars or like places. All these measures are to ensure less suffering for our farmer in the countryside who is living with a failed monsoon! How strange it is that the communists are not concerned about the plight of our farmer in advance. But they are very smart people. Once the farmers from the countryside start dying because of poverty and starvation, the communists will come out to the street and speak loudly about the farmers. It is equally strange that the stupid and weightless NSUI is flirting with the AISA’s philosophy of loot and treason.


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