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Thursday, November 16, 2006

YFE pulls the rug from under the political establishments in JNU




    Politics is for the moment, but an equation is for eternitysaid Albert Einstein, Most Admired Person of the 20th Century, while declining the offer for the post of 1st President of Israel after its independence in the year 1948.

It’s a rare privilege on the part of the managers of Youth For Equality to give the customary thanks to all its supporters, who have affirmed their faith and stood resolutely with the cause of the Youth For Equality. Thanking the supporters is not the exact expression of our feeling as with the stroke of their vote they have shown the resilience of the power of youth. The Youth For Equality is honored and overwhelmed with the massive support of the JNU student. We place our heartfelt complements to the entire JNU student Community for being sided with the Youth For Equality. We will try our best to meet the aspirations schemed by the youthful minds and voters of the university. The ideas of left or right ideology have seriously been questioned by the thinking brain of this university students as the result of the just concluded election made known. Now the responsibility of the Youth For Equality has been increased and we will try our best to shoulder the responsibility properly.

It is time to follow the dictum of our leader Sonika Tyagi who said, “although the YFE formed with the agenda of opposing the government’s illogical 27% caste-based reservation policy, we have reformed ourselves in a way that we offered the perfect platform to the common students of the university to raise their genuine voice against the puppet student bodies. Our fight is for good governance, better student facilities, scholarships and transparency in the system.”

Doomsayers worked overtime to confuse the student community with their flawed astrological calculation about the fate of Youth For Equality. But the election result has offered them the best reason to stop believing in astrology or their own exaggerated capability either. The votes pulled by our Central Panel in the JNUSU Elections 2006 are as follow:

    Organization President Vice President General Secretary Joint Secretary
    YFE 810 736 739 722
    SFI-AISF (Combine) 909 731 829 800
    AISA 836 1076 942 624
    ABVP 432 421 386 411
    NSUI 112 189 221 404
    BSF 132 127 141 135

The Youth For Equality has won five councilors one each in the Centre for Biotechnology (Anuj Kumar Sharma) and SIT (Mohammad Rehan) and three in the School of Life Sciences (Hemant, Amit Ranjan and Krishna). The agenda raised in our election manifesto will be covered to the possible extent over the year as the student community reposed faith in our capability. The glory of the throne is limited as we believe in doing and not in undoing. In the coming days we will best assess the need, interest and ability of the students and fix our priority of works. It is our conviction that with our zeal to make change and lead the real student voice in the campus we will perform better in the coming years.

Another welcome development in the election is the refusal of students’ faith in organizations like ABVP, which is shrinking over the years to the size of a pigmy. It is not long before it may recede into history! Finally, we congratulate the student community for making the election a peaceful event. We pledge to extend our support for the cause of student development and for the academic excellence of JNU.

Sd/ Sd/

Prakash Chandra Dash, Shweta Gaur

Chief Campaign Coordinator YFE Representative


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