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Friday, July 21, 2006

IP and JNU fight back

Photos from the Candlelight March on July 21 (Click here for more)

Youth for Equality in JNU organised a Candlelight march on 21 July to subvert the Government's plans of introducing the caste-based OBC Reservation Bill in the coming Monsoon Session. The march was a huge success, with approximately 250 concerned students of JNU having participated. The march that started with 100 students swelled to 250 as it took a serpentine path from Ganga Dhaba to Chandrabhaga Hostel in JNU, covering most of the hostels and dhabas.

Slogans like "Jaat ke naam pe baata hai, desh ko maara chaata hai" and "Students united shall always be victorious, government frustrated shall always be defeated"- ruled the show apart from the opportune "Na paani hai na bijli hai, aarakshan ki khuji hai" (there was load shedding while the march was progressing).

JNU is a premier Central university of India whose students are proud of their socially sensitive campus. The marching students were of the opinion that the proposed Bill on OBC reservation will divide the student community on caste-lines and increase differences within the society. They re-emphasised their demands of (a) roll back of the casteist OBC reservation policy, (b) a judicial review of the existing reservation policies to see if they have really helped the needy sections, and (c) implementation of innovative measures beyond reservation, to forward the cause social justice.
YFE has become a new brand in the JNU campus- many students in the march were seen flaunting their YFE T-shirts!!!

JNU students also condemned the police high-handedness meted out to their counterparts in IP University. IPU had observed a token hunger-strike of 12 hours today, wherein 92 students had participated. While the students were peacefully observing the strike, CRPF was deployed in the campus to cause threat and unrest. Later, when the students started their candlelight march the police blocked their way and manhandled many of them. Despite the police cordon, some 40 students reached the Red Fort and broke their hunger-strike there. The police arrested 31 students and harassed them for about an hour before they were released. The police alleged that this had been done because they were carrying mashaals, while all that the students were carrying were candles!! SHAME ON THE UPA GOVERNMENT FOR PURSUING THE WITCH-HUNT AGAINST OUR DEMOCRATIC RIGHT TO FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION.



  • Is this portal blocked in India ? I believe so. as Nothing good can be expected from this govt. This much is happening and we get no news.

    Why not we go in court against this order of blocking bloggs ?

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