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Sunday, July 02, 2006

Youth for Equality Kick Starts its Second Phase: The Fire is Living ON

Dr. Saumen Chattopadyay (ZHCES, JNU)

SOURCE: The Pioneer, New Delhi, 2 July 2006
After careful deliberations, JNU has decided to accept the appeal of the State Coordination Committee, members of Citizens for Equality and our own professors and has temporarily suspended the Hunger Strike. JNU will now jump full throttle into Mass Mobilisation and the ONE-SIGN-ONE-COIN-SAVE-THE-NATION campaign.

SOURCE: The Indian Express, Mumbai, 2 July 2006
Congratulations Mumbai!!! The Country is watching and emulating you. Delhi too will go from Home to Home. Volunteers write to


  • THERE IS much hype and hoopla by u people on the reservation.reservation is not the voluntarily given to OBC by government but it created from ur own made social system based on inequality and social stratification.can Y4E change the social system then talked about the equality among many of u people ever done the social service among the downtrodden?the coterie of u people only a tiny population merely 1%.but when the pacheyderm of sc/st/obc will move ur utterness will either gone in the oblivioun or crushed under the 85% VOICES.IF U REALY CONCERN FOR POOR PEOPLE THEN TALKED ABOUT THE REMOVAL OF CREAMY LAYER FROM THE RESEVATION RATHER THEN VEHEMENTLY OPPOSING IT WITH TOOTH AND NAIL....

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at Fri Mar 02, 01:58:00 AM GMT+5:30  

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