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Tuesday, June 20, 2006

National Coordination Committee now in place

The National Coordination Committee (NCC) of Youth for Equality has now been formed. The formation of the NCC in a three-day Akhil Bhartiya Samaanta Sammelan 2006 (ABSS) in Bangalore was also accompanied by (1) a Review of the first phase of the National Movement, (2) Consolidation of the Charter of Demands, and (3) Strategies for the second phase of the National Movement.

The ABSS was attended by 54 delegates, representing 18 states, who had worked in the first phase of the National Movement.

JNU’s representation at the ABSS was met with some curiosity and great respect and YFE-JNU's 21 days of Hunger Strike was highly applauded. JNU's contribution in the ABSS was significant in the debates leading to the Charter of Demands.

It was finally upheld in the ABSS that YFE is neither against any caste / class nor against reservation per se, but against the ineffective Reservation policies that DO NOT penetrate to the needy. The delegates were unanimous in their demand for a complete roll-back of the proposed Reservation Bill and for an apolitical review of the existing reservation policy.

The NCC formation is an important step towards the greater goal of reversing the casteist designs of the ruling government. The NCC will now coordinate the National Movement scattered across the country such that the combined effect of our individual struggles hit with a huge impact on the divisive government. Our aspirations for an EQUAL NATION have been further strengthened.


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