Youth for Equality, Jawaharlal Nehru University

Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Jawaharlal Nehru University Y4E

It is high time the Government recognises that Youth for Equality is a movement with students from all walks of life- not doctors alone!!

Jawaharlal Nehru University's students prove this point.

Even if the medicos are forced to tone down their struggle through legal means, it will still continue all across the country- including JNU- and we'll definitely overturn the Government's attempt to divide the nation on the basis of caste.

Together we can and we will make a difference.



  • Good work.
    Letz beat the govt black n blue- n take our nation back....


    By Anonymous Anonymous, at Mon Jun 05, 01:07:00 AM GMT+5:30  

  • keep the spirit up.lets unite for the cause


    By Anonymous Anonymous, at Wed Jun 21, 04:47:00 PM GMT+5:30  

  • We are prepared to give it what it takes.

    By Anonymous jesse, at Thu Jun 22, 08:32:00 PM GMT+5:30  

  • we have to keep on our struggle, this is just a start, we have to be ready for more problems. one day we will win. Good luck.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at Sun Jul 02, 07:12:00 PM GMT+5:30  

  • this country does not belong to you only it belongs to the majority. stop using jnu platform to justify your illogical stand. you are only 4 or 5 percent of the jnu population therefore do not say that whole jnu is with you. jnu is institution for excellence made for all the sections of the society. you people have highly castiest, narrow, selfish and country dividing attitudes. if you want save this from a divide. support reservation, support equity. if you don't understand this one day you people will finally divide this country. there are already some voices for separate nations. stop otherwise you people will be respobsible for dividing this country
    and mind you this country has already been divided into thousands of castes. so don't use such word that caste based reservation will divide this country. i also want this reservation to be increased proportion of the population and it should be extended into private sector too.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at Wed Jul 05, 03:12:00 AM GMT+5:30  

  • i agree with whatever this guy says. it shoud be extended toprivate sectort too. equity is the main concern rather than equality. equality will follow if equity is there

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at Wed Jul 05, 03:16:00 AM GMT+5:30  

  • What you people are doing ,DEvil old man ARJUN SINGh succeeded in his mission. Parlaiment passed bill related to OBC reservtion.Do something,othr wise that old devil man divd our country.

    By Anonymous BIJAY KUMAR SINGH, at Fri Dec 15, 08:59:00 AM GMT+5:30  

  • Date: Dec 15, 2006

    Provide society strength, resources and all that it takes to fight against white collar crime being perpetuated in the name of this or that.

    Sincere prayer for welfare of honest people who want to make it big through their efforts and not be parasites that backdoor entrants are in Government offices. employees are.

    Thank You,

    P. Suresh

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at Fri Dec 15, 10:04:00 PM GMT+5:30  

  • Date: Feb 6, 2007

    Dear Fellow Citizens,
    Though not educated on legal front to fight for this national cause, thought it fit to make contributions that will help the cause.

    Few handful of people cannot represent million aspirations. It is the sufferers who will have to fend for themselves now.

    First and foremost, it is very very very important and urgent to get "STAY ORDER" on implementation of the rule that is currently under public scrutiny, all in open purview of Supreme Court.

    Thank You,

    P. Suresh

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at Tue Feb 06, 04:41:00 PM GMT+5:30  

  • Date: Mar 14, 2007

    Dear Sir,

    Sub: Sincere prayer for "STAY ORDER" immediately.

    The neo-stone buildings all across our land have been harboring free food eaters and politicians very authorisedly. These goons have been authorisedly committing sin after sin innovatively on innocent honest citizens. Almighty has blessed our country with all that it takes to live contentedly and happily. It is these sins that are repeatedly upsetting the cart.

    Elections are per se defective root, stock and barrel. Innovative corruptions add dimensions rendering very purpose of this useless. This is eyewash to authorize sins. Further, few hundred people, or for that matter symbolic head do not definitely represent millions of aspirations under any circumstance.

    Gross injustice is being committed authorisedly. Three successive generations of today’s practically honest and virteous people have already been made to suffer for no fault of theirs at all. Parasitism is parasitism irrespective of who is involved. Making one happy at cost of another is not correct. Sin is a sin. It has to be done away with. Guilty have to be punished. Rules that are manufactured by neo-stones are soft forms of terror, but with more devastating effect.

    After committing sin, politicians are marching ahead to eat into hard earned resources also. This HAS TO BE stopped through immediate “STAY ORDER”. Sincere prayer to Almighty to provide all that it takes to DECIMATE reservation once and for all. No more free food to ANYBODY for lifetime. All HAVE TO contribute to draw proportionately and live happily.

    Thank You,

    P. Suresh

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at Wed Mar 14, 05:14:00 PM GMT+5:30  

  • Date: April 11, 2007

    Dear Sir,
    Millions of innocent victims have got maimed for their entire lives due to this innovation, RESERVATION. This authorized parasitism that is three successive generations old has already consumed several thousands of honest, hardworking, upright, God fearing families. Prayer for its DECIMATION once and for all.

    At the very first place, it is important to recall that this burden and authorized parasitism has been thrust upon honest, hardworking people by POLITICIANS by USING judges, ex-judges etc. Now, when the pain has touched nadirs and the lordships who imposed it have felt the pain and have decided to set it right, POLITICIANS are again coming into picture to thwart justice and hijack society into wrong directions. This will not only harm justice, but be catastrophic for society and universe per say.

    It is imperative upon all not to get duped and fall prey to villains. Politics is politics. Parasitism is parasitism irrespective who, who all, when, how etc. Morality, honesty, virtues etc are the only characters that can stand a welfare society. Halos last until the play master keeps doing the act. The moment he decides to pull the plug, halo would fall apart.

    Over history of mankind, there are several records of classic, strong, what was thought to be impregnable super powers that have all fallen off. Our great country should not face that situation. We are amongst the best of societies. We are amongst the most industrious, the most honest, the most tolerant, the most innovative societies. God has and will bless us with all that it takes for man to be happy. We need to remain a honest, hardworking society. We should not fall into traps of shortcuts. There is no shortcut for success. Work is worship. Politics kills. Fruits of work, hard labor etc could be divided amongst contributors amicably. Injustices and imbalances can always be corrected. But, losing time, burning up hard earned resources should not happen under any circumstance.

    Man is the most advanced creature. Mind is the driving force that makes all the difference between success and failure. POLITICIANS are poisoning entire society to create gangs, who would turn to violent means and go on rampage at behest of politicians. They aim at using them as freely available, dedicated war mongers who can be USED to get their greedy wants.

    Enough is enough of authorized parasitism. We don’t need politicians. We need workers in all spheres of life and society. We need leaders who have exemplary role models and can live and help society live happily, lawfully, honestly without causing harm to any other creature even if millions resort to following those paths for their own successes and happiness. Enough is enough of shortsightedness of politics. Confusions, misnomers, illusions etc should not keep on thwarting society from ultimate happiness.

    Materialistic objects that are being attributed as happiness by POLITICIANS are all fads. Money is not happiness. Job is not happiness. Education is not happiness. Marriage is not happiness. Most of the materialistic objects that are projected by politicians are not happiness. Happiness lies elsewhere. While POLITICS can at best give one or two or even few amongst a list of materialistic objects like the one listed above, happiness needs one to have much more. One needs to work. God blesses all that man wants for happiness. It is very essential to keep working so far as one needs to live and wants to EAT. The day one stops working, he would fall. “An idle mind is a devil’s workshop”. Man would even destroy all that has been earned through hard efforts. Society should be very cautious. There are any number of practical examples that can be quoted. All pervading, ever kind God provides umpteen opportunities to correct course, recover and regain happiness. But, it is faltering, untamed, roguish, non-wanting etc type of minds (individuals) who fail to capitalize upon God provided opportunities to recover and gain happiness.

    It is high time we sensitize society, open up minds of one and all and help in regaining happiness. Enough is enough of politics. Enough is enough of innovations superseding morality and virtues. Enough is enough of parasitism. The same community, “Judges” who were used by politicians for the commissions, reports, surveys, committees, etc etc innovations to authorize this innovation, reservation is today being blamed. Does greed have any limit? Politics has not and will never stop at ANYTHING!

    It is high time that society is sensitized and educated. Corruption, neo-corruption etc should be shelved off. All constituents of society need to be concerned about their “OWN SOCIETY”S” well-being. It is imperative to spread awareness to neo-innovations and the harm that it is doing. Society should raise to the challenges that are posed due to politicians and the dimensions that they acquire in the overall context of society.

    The same community, “Judges” which thrust upon honest people this burden, RESERVATION is today pained at the way things are working in practice in society. What a calamity? POLITICIANS stoop to any low level to get their objectives! Prayer that it torch the hands that are attempting to lay fire. Prayer that this fire not consume society. Prayer that society awakens before the catastrophe harms society completely.

    Elections per say are defective root, stock and barrel. Few hundreds who occupy a particular room at a given point in time cannot be representatives of millions of desires. Added to this, it is all the more unfortunate that while numbers remain, individuals keep changing in this system! They just do things as they feel like and the way they want. These individuals keep waiting all their lives for appropriate opportunity. The moment, they get, they have specific period to get, do etc all that they wanted to. They go about doing, getting that exactly as per their need. They are least bothered on who gets affected, who all suffer, how much of sacrifices it takes etc. They do not even bother at results and the quality of results. They want, their heads get swollen and they PUT some paper rules.

    Rules that get framed under particular circumstance takes different forms in its practical implementation. There are lots to this and the innovations that happen there upon. But resources do not permit recording all of it in one go out here.

    Some one says something, some other picks it up and works upon it in a way he wants, some other puts things the way he wants, some other picks what he wants, some other speaks, some other benefits from it the way he wants etc etc innovatively. It is all innovations galore. It is all plundering galore. There is neither any limit nor anybody to stop, once the individual or group gets into the innovation circle.

    Common man should not be looted and plundered all the while. While very entry of individuals is questionable, free food eaters claim themselves to be pErmanent, get their names registered on roll calls and go on doling more and more and more, all at cost of common man’s BLOOD. Stone buildings that call themselves to be Government go on manufacturing rules to protect free food eating. Majority of those who need to protect society are backdoor products themselves and do not do justice to common man, the hands that feed. Prayer that those noble hearted souls who gave up their everything in their life in the fight for freedom come alive and EVALUATE the freedom that is happening in these neo-stones. Prayer that their souls turn alive and PUNISH all these free food enjoyers.

    Our society does have exemplar people as well. This is evident in case of the current development that pertain this innovation. Their conscience has worked. An opportunity has been made available by them to put the matter under scanner. So be it. Let it not get thwarted under any circumstance. Let morality, honesty be winning propositions in society. Let not parasitism become the mainstay in society. Today this parasitism is consuming specific individuals. But, this fire will not stop. It would consume entire society. It is only a matter of time, before this most undesirable dreaded development happens.

    Sincere prayer that society should not keep falling pray to POLITICAL maneuvers. POLITICIANS should be put in place. Morality has to become winning proposition. Sincere prayer that honest people whose conscious has worked now in Judiciary should not be let down now. Their welfare is important for societal welfare. Prayer that all parasitism be wiped off once and for all. Payer that society unite in cutting POLITICIANS to size.

    Enough is enough of this menace, RESERVATION. No more free food to ANYBODY. All HAVE TO contribute to draw proportionately and live happily. Society should not accept politicians as saving Gods, lest it would crumble when these hijack masters decide to pull the plug. An opportunity has come by to have a fair means that would enable a good society. No individual would get harmed. All would be happy, happy to the extent that he works for. Let this golden opportunity not get beaten through political expediencies.

    Prayer that the judiciary that imposed RESERVATION at the first place get it removed through its own mechanism. Prayer for strengthening hands of honesty, morality. Prayer for protection, succor and all that it takes for honest individuals and special prayer for special protection to individuals at risk to enable victory to entire society. Prayer for DECIMATION of POLITICS that wants to thwart justice and maim more and more honest, innocent individuals through this innovation, RESERVATION. Prayer that this authorized parasitism, RESERVATION be DECIMATED once and for all. Bringing about happiness needs a honest welfare society and not one that turns to parasitism as means for its living. This innovation is not the one that would be needed for societal happiness. In reality, happiness will happen if this innovation is removed off. Prayer for happiness to ALL.

    Thank You,

    P. Suresh

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at Wed Apr 11, 03:14:00 PM GMT+5:30  

  • Date: April 12, 2007

    Sub: Sincere prayer lordships do not yield to political pressure any more. Prayer “Stay” “NOT BE VACATED”. It is 60 years. Objective evaluation is MUST. No more yielding to pressure, hurrying through & creating more harm. Why harm someone at all, when we can do good to all?

    POLITICIANS have authorized parasitism by USING judiciary in commissions, surveys, committees, reforms etc & have maimed millions for entire life. Pain is unbearable now. An opportunity has got presented to evaluate 60 years objectively now. Prayer that this opportunity should not get thwarted away.

    Impartial evaluation alone would result in healthy procedures. This alone would lead to healthy society. This alone would enable survival of universe. If any and every pressure and expediency is accepted for the sake of pleasing a this or a that individual / group, or for this or that reason; and morality, ethics, values, practicality, ability for entrepreneurship etc is thrown to wind, the world would crumble. Entire universal survival will come under question. There is no end to greed. Lethargy cannot be equated to need.

    Let the transparent evaluation happen. Let it take its own time. 60 years is no mean time. RESERVATION has already maimed millions of honest, innocent brightest stars for their entire lives. It should not claim more and more children like this. It should not go on maiming more and more young buds like this. Enough is enough of this authorized atrocity. Ills and pain due to it is unbearable now. Thrusting of sin on silent people should not be allowed to continue like this perpetually on and on and on.

    Let the opportunity that has come by to evaluate objectively not be thwarted away. Let judiciary not be hijacked any more. Majority need not have to be right criteria. The criteria should be to be right. The criteria should be ability for sustaining procedures perpetually in order to realize happiness for entire society. We need happy society and not happy individuals who bask and make merry at cost of others. All have limited life time. All have their own desires. All work to accumulate resources. Let these resources not get drained wastefully like this. Let the opportunity that has come by due to this “Stay order”, not get hijacked, all because of this or that hot head POLITICIAN, this or that expediency.

    Prayer that the “Stay order” be retained. RESERVATION per se has to be scrutinized thoroughly. Entire society needs to understand the way it is being implemented, who is paying whom for what reason, who gets maimed for what reason, how moping up of resources occur to feed this largesse that is being thrust down the throat, pockets and sections that get affected directly and indirectly etc.

    Enough is enough of authorized parasitism. Enough is enough of atrocities due to rules getting manufactured in stone buildings that call themselves GOVERNment. Enough is enough of all the imbalances being created artificially and pain of it all, all for no reason or crime on part of individuals who suffer.

    God has and will definitely give all it takes for his creatures to be happy. It is these half baked rules that are creating imbalances. Greed, political expediencies etc need not rule all the while.

    When there are soft, simple alternatives and paths which are even more powerful in deliverance, why should harsh paths that are unnecessarily punitive be adopted? Let morality, virtues etc be winning proposition. This will create a healthy society and usher in happiness to ALL.

    No more free food to ANYBODY. All HAVE TO contribute to draw proportionately and live happily. RESERVATION per se has to GO once and for all for welfare of ALL. Prayer for happiness to ALL. Prayer that the “Stay order” not be vacated. Sincere prayer for support, protection and all that it takes for all honest individuals, groups etc and enable a happy society, that creates happiness to all.

    Thank You,

    P. Suresh

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at Thu Apr 12, 11:39:00 AM GMT+5:30  

  • Dt: April 13, 2007

    Dear Sir,
    Sub: 1) Organisation of bandh by POLITICAL parties in Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh. 2) Prayer for PIL, fair trial, punitive punishment to party, parties, CM, POLITICIANS, state machinery heads etc who ORGANISED this terror on common man.

    Free food eaters, who live on common man’s BLOOD should respect him & not trouble him like this. This is DEFINITELY a serious matter. Common man struggles whole day, all through the year, all through the life to pay for the mechanism. Enough of cheating is happening that are depriving him of everything in life, which comes free for people who somehow manage to get their names enrolled in those roles (in practical reality doles) that are called pErmanent GOVERNment roles (in practice roll calls).

    Elections per se are defective root, stock & barrel. The whole mechanism, show etc runs on common man's BLOOD & sweat. This sort of organised terror DEFINITELY needs serious viewing.

    Leaders are expected to set exemples for livelihood that can be repeated on & on & sustained perpetually even after its adoption by billions. Today's POLITICIANS are not leaders, but are looters. Organising terror is DEFIITELY not leadership.

    While their very existence is being paid through nose by common man, even more burden & life threatening things are happening through organised terror. Irrespective of who it is, it needs punitive punishment.

    Sincere prayer that a PIL gets filed, the matter gets debated thoroughly & punishment be DELIVERED practically within lifetime of individuals & that they do not escape after committing such heinous crimes. Society will get more shocks if terror is not spotted, booked, tried and punished.

    Thank You,

    P. Suresh

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at Fri Apr 13, 10:05:00 AM GMT+5:30  

  • Date: April 25, 2007

    Sincere prayer that lordships do not allow any further USAGE of commissions, surveys, reports, committees, sittings etc innovatively to impose one sided measures. Millions of innocent children and their entire families have been maimed for no fault at all, but having been born.

    Technologies have enabled WONDERFUL, omnipotent solutions which are capable of offering even better results than archaic control mechanisms. Let there be no encouragement for lethargy. Let there be no encouragement for vendetta in the guise of this or that.

    We need a honest society and not slogan shouting, looting, conniving masses who turn to be self destroying trajectories, who would do anything at the throw of a loaf or a spicy talk/lecture etc. Let wisdom prevail over sentiments, hearsays, falsehoods, cooked up issues, stage managed maneuvers etc

    Let philosophers guide society into happiness and not POLITICIANS. Politics kills. History has any number of instances at different instances in time that it has lead society to chaos, disharmony. It has turned earth into hot and burning place that is house to demons, cunning, wicked, thieves, liars, crooked etc elements. Truth, honesty, virtues do not find its due place.

    Let good will creators get precedence over slogan shouting, cunning who may number in any volumes. Let the opportunity to innovate upon and arrive at solutions that would be able to cater to billions and yet remain green enough to cater to trillions more for ever and ever perpetually not be overlooked. Politics is politics. It should not be more supreme than philosophical percepts. Work is worship. Disparities in distribution of dividends if any can always be settled, even after death of individuals! But, injustice done to individuals cannot be wiped out for ever and ever.

    Let there be clear distinction between average masses who look for the day’s meal and philosophers who want to steer masses into good destinies. Let there be clear distinction between being hungry and doing ANYTHING, the way it is being led to by POLITICIANS from that of doing the choicest of things that could pave way for trillions of hungry bellies for ever and ever perpetually.

    As it stands, doing things for the first time or under adverse of situations or under pressure etc always pose challenges. Let these challenges not turn into hazards and risks for individuals who volunteer into bringing about those challenging solutions into reality. It might take some time, lot of efforts, but technologies have definitely got that potentiality today to be those omnipotent solutions. Let archaic thoughts that have always held sway from time immemorial on masses not create that muscle power, this or that pressure, this or that lure that will turn the opportunity into yet another success that has been wrapped out into the almirahs in stone buildings that call themselves to be GOVERNment this or that office or anywhere at all. Let this opportunity get converted into being a uniting force for intellectual, physical, cultural, societal integration. Let the minds work. Let there be enough room for human intelligence to sprout itself in all directions and dimensions. Let minds not be filled with fear, disillusions, fear of losing etc. There are definite expectations from individuals and society as a whole. It is imperative to find ways and means to fulfill those expectations and not convert the very individuals into turning to be lethargic bombs who would explode instead of getting into meaningful and constructive work.

    Leaders of the yester years led masses into working for their destinies. It is their call for labor that has stood the stead so good. Whatever we are enjoying today are due to foundations, building upon through constant efforts of those exemplary visionaries. Had only those few handful of visionaries not got ahead with their missions to integrate masses through practical means and had they only looked into creating zones of isolations and partitions that would have been ideal and suited very well for their own conveniences, advancements in different choicest of spheres in their lives and careers, we, the society today would not have had any of the niceties that even they were deprived off. Man need not have to be too narrow minded. It is foresight that would help control destiny.

    This is an opportunity to shape destiny of the nation through prudent planning. But, it needs honest society. It does not need lethargic people. Certain circumstances breed liars, lazy ludlooms, cheaters etc. It is imperative for visionaries to keep looking for these circumstances and nip them off at the bud. Let those visionaries not fail in their duties to the society. Prayer for protection and all that it takes for those exemplar visionaries to perform their functionalities and enable those omnipotent solutions that would bring about happiness to our billions perpetually. Let there be no room for lures that would lead to traps later on. There is no short cut for success. Let there be no illusions on this. Let there be no more faltering on critical issues. Let there be distinct idea of what is what before creating a this or a that. Let hearsays and sentiments not hold sway, while we very well can have precise solutions.

    The committees, surveys, reports, etc of lordships have been USED to impose RESERVATION forcefully on innocent children who were not even born. Today, would be parents are being confronted with typical worries! It is worth pondering on whether this is this the sort of dread that a welfare society needs to create? POLITICS has lead into this menacing, consuming situation that it is. One man is being made at the cost of others. Millions of innocent families have and are getting maimed for no fault at all. It is DEFINITELY not in place to blame someone blindly. There are many factors which show inabilities and complexities on the part of deliverance etc. Sin is definitely a sin. It needs to be punished. But, sins of one’s own self gets measured. It is not correct to attach attributes of one individual to some other individual. Why allow perpetration of hatred, predation etc when we can generate all pervading, ever loving, ever lovable, wonderful, self dependent Gods, all across our society, our nation and spread that wonder to entire UNIVERSE? Why allow slipping away of the wonderful real time opportunity to arrive at such wonderful, omnipotent solution slip away for this or a that sentiment, euphoria, pressure, fear, lure etc? Why not achieve the toughest and set an example for trillions to follow and remain happy perpetually?

    Elections per se are defective root, stock and barrel. Few hundred individuals who manage to squeak into that building that manufactures rules do not represent billion aspirations in any way. Each person has his own motivation, compulsion for acting in particular ways. What gets manufactured under particular circumstance, for definitive purposes, undergoes a trillion innovations at the hands of the billion innovators that our society is. What gets prepared for particular objective, gets implemented in totally different ways, in totally different manners and start producing totally different results by themselves. Why allow room for complexities to creep in when we have proven, definite means that can deliver much better results through much more safe, smooth processes? Should sentiments overrule facts even in the advanced society that we are today? Should a culture of vendetta be encouraged at all, when we can afford to be kind and let entire society to be kind all through? Why create or allow creation of trouble to someone when we can very well create happiness to ALL? Should all pervading system turn to be so blind to merits and facts, all in pursuit of hearsays, vendettas etc?

    It is time to explore what this vendetta and euphoria is all about in the first place. It is time to review percepts, actions, background, results of what is getting created at the hands of POLITICIANS and is being repeated on and on successively over the 6 decades now. It is time to channelise abilities in being innovative for creative purposes. It is time to shun degenerative, counterproductive means and open up to omnipotent ways.

    Man is the most advanced of creatures. It is mind that matters the most for his accomplishments as individual, as society. It is his will power, the way his will gets channelised that matters the most. Let there be no room for distractions on this most important aspect.

    Let lordships subject this experiment to objective EXAMINATION. Let all aspects, on who is benefiting, how, when, when all, how all etc vis-à-vis who is losing, for what, when, how all etc, vis-à-vis what society as a whole has benefited / lost get examined objectively. Let there be no room for complacency at all.

    Let there be enough room to OBJECTIVELY REVIEW percepts that have implications on the masses and the character of our society. Let rules not get manufactured at will and start haunting, vilifying, terrifying innocent people.

    Majority need not have to be the consideration all the while. What matters the most is being right, fair, equitable, smooth enough, sustainable etc. Truth hurts most of the times. It is INCONVENIENT in most of the cases. History has it that in the quest to subvert or submerge truth, POLITICIANS have consumed philosophers, their families, their earnings, what not. What comes handy is the fact that rulers (politicians of that day) could not accept that sun is the centre of our universe and not earth. History has it that the society of that day persecuted that philosopher who propounded this as a theory and proved it right. But, has the truth changed? Had POLITICIANS had the magnanimity, courage, bend of mind, politeness to accept truth, the scientific truth teller would not have been branded as a criminal and got killed at the hands of the cruel rulers. Society could very well have saved his life and ordeal. But, neither did happen. Today, all of us know that philosopher, that one individual is (not was) right and the billions that our society is, was, will be wrong for ever and ever. We failed in our duties. Our conscious did not work. We were all terrified into silence by those POLITICIANS and the devils had their way.

    Let history not keep repeating itself. Let there be enough room to turn to one or other alternatives. We have different spheres, domains, disciplines, faculties, abilities, horizons etc etc to look to for solutions. If we fail on one of the spheres, it is imperative upon us to look to other avenues, other spheres for solutions. If a trick we learnt fails us, or if we become aware of its deficiencies, it is imperative upon us to tread a new path and learn the art of living life that way around and emerge successful in our lives, our careers and achieve our objectives in personal life and career and be role models in society. There is no point in harping upon our archaic means that used to fetch us bread and succor once upon a time, which was valid at that point in time. Today, it is imperative upon all of us to take upon ourselves the challenging task of looking for those sorts of alternatives for ourselves, our children, our fellow beings, our families, our society, our nation, our universe per se. We need to adopt the same yardsticks of caution, non-painfulness etc as we apply to our own selves, our own children, families etc when we arrive at solutions and portend them for/in/to society.

    RESERVATION, over the past 6 decades that it has got extended has today become a tool at the hands of the billions of innovative population that we are. It has become a way of living by itself! Different individuals have different modes of operation with it. But, it needs to be remembered that resources in society is limited to the extent that it gets generated. Thus, there is always a price to pay for. Some man is being made to pay for some one else’s happiness, all for none of his own fault, but having born on this soil at this point in time and not being able to be amongst that lot which have some mode of operation and benefit out of it. It has become a tag.

    Let there be an objective EXAMINATION. Let rules that get manufactured under questionable circumstances be examined. Let there be justice equitably. Let truth not get hidden under a this or a that.

    Let free food eating not continue for ever and ever. Enough is enough of authorized parasitism. While very entry is wrong, females and males who somehow manage to get their names entered in those so called pErmanent rolls (doles), go on committing white collar atrocities and keep on plundering on and on. Lure for free food is so high that CMs of states, political parties etc have organized bandhs. Terror is being organized to hush up the honest individuals from raising their voice. No more free food to ANYBODY. All HAVE TO contribute to draw proportionately and live happily.

    Let consciousness work. Let wisdom prevail over sentiments, false hoods, illusions, euphoria etc that get created under political expediencies. Let justice prevail. Let our society be guided through philosophical, practical and sophisticated of means, Let archaic control mechanisms make way for new, safe, smooth, practical, perpetually green mechanisms that can be used perpetually by the billions that we are and yet be able to usher in happiness to ALL perpetually.

    Sincere prayer that stay order NOT BE VACATED under any circumstance. Sincere prayer that this be the beginning of the dismantling process for this archaic, painful, one-sided, unnecessarily harsh mechanism, that has been innovated upon by POLITICIANS. Prayer that lordships not give any room to anything which could be used by POLITICIANS to USE them for a this or a that. Prayer that there be no room for allowing any sort of confusion, complacency, disillusionment etc. Sin is a sin, irrespective of who, who all, how, when it gets committed. Let sins not get the stamp of authority to rule and hold sway amongst the billions that we are. This sin has implications on millions. Let the lordships not falter any more, the feeble common man has no other source to look upon.

    Let us be a benevolent society that is founded on truth, percepts of work and not a one that would survive by predating or begging for a this or a that and keep on consuming a this or a that individual who is visible or not remain unseen.

    Sincere prayer that stay order NOT BE VACATED under any circumstance. This rule has got manufactured under atrocious circumstance. Sincere prayer that this experiment, RESERVATION per se be wound up in all forms and way that create just, happy, equitable society that enables happiness to ALL equitably emerge.

    Thank You,

    P. Suresh

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at Wed Apr 25, 05:25:00 PM GMT+5:30  

  • Date: April 26, 2007

    Sub:1)At first place, RESERVATION got introduced through commissions, committees, surveys, reports etc, which is all debatable. What got imposed as experiment was so lucrative that it became tool for innovation & shortcuts to POLITICIANS. It is 6 decades now. CM wants country wide bandhs! 2)Current edition is definitely POLITICAL & needs EXAMINATION by non-partisan, moral conscious elders. RESERVATION per se be done away with. Prayer for beginning of end of this atrocity on innocent people. 3) Prayer that stay order NOT BE VACATED under any circumstance. 4) Prayer for happiness to ALL equitably.

    Millions of innocent children and their families are being subjected to white collar crime, butchery for no fault at all, all to appease some others. Apolitical individuals, honest, hardworking individuals are being maimed for no fault at all, but having been born on this soil at this point in time. Their conscience does not allow them the liberty to collude with this or that corruption, innovation etc and they are suffering even more. We want to be your children, enjoy life the way you have destined us to, work for betterments and get back to your abode when it has to happen. We do not want to be subjected to hardships, deprivation, harshness, looting etc due to cunningness, tricks etc. Please save from this situation created by POLITICIANS.

    POLITICIANS have been, are and will misuse every good thing to suit their own, selfish, self centered objectives. Lordships were USED for commissions, surveys, reports, committees, etc to impose RESERVATION. Greed for free food entice beneficiaries into doing ANYTHING. What got introduced as experiment has not got closed AT ALL. It has been continuously extended on one or other pressure. It is 6 six decades now & this atrocity is still being thrust BASELESSLY. Lure is so much that POLITICIANS have been extending this atrocity on one or other pretext and are spreading this virus to anything and everything.

    Man has the potentiality of achieving anything through will power, planning, systematic working for goals. But, the very minds that need to be used for these constructive purposes are being corrupted and diverted into destructive activities. While wealth, happiness, bounties, joys etc can be generated so much so that earth can be converted into heaven, destructive thoughts are resulting in miseries, sorrows, eruptions, angers, turmoils etc. If these innovations that are being created by POLITICIANS are left unchecked, planet earth will soon become a living hell that burns unchecked within no time. These would not only result in earthquakes to innocent victims, but be cause of destruction of all what has been achieved collectively by mankind as a society. The danger of UNIVERSAL DESTRUCTION is looming large. It is high time for introspection and corrective actions.

    Leaders of yesterdays united people and asked people for “Shram Dhan”. All that we are enjoying today are all fruits of that labor. We should not loose that tempo. What we have achieved should be used as stepping stones for furthering man’s quest for universal happiness and spreading the benefits of it equitably amongst its contributors. Instead, POLITICIANS of the day are calling upon people to organize bandhs, loot, rape, burn, etc! They are innovatively finding ways to use those successes due to yesterdays work to further their own cause through hook or crook, by doing WHATEVER possible, ANYTHING that they can think off. Destruction of society is taking place with each innovation, twist and turn that is being brought about. Pain and misery of breathren should be cause for worry for co-breathren and not joy or worst still, be succor for their own survival. Hatred breeds hatred. Success breeds success. Now is the time to make a choice. Now is the time for vows that can be adopted, administered, sustained perpetually. There is no short cut for success. Honesty is the best policy. Why not create an ambience that can bring about that universal happiness?

    POLITICIANS of the day are upto creating situations for holocausts. What a stark difference that this breed of people are from those that turned out to be LEADERS and guiding beacons. What is this cult of people upto now! What are their aims for themselves, for fellow beings who are not blood realtives, for society at large?

    God’s universe is dynamic. Everything changes. Seasons, climates, day / night etc are all inbuilt into the very existence of earth. It is imperative upon man to understand nature, the very creation, the creator, the master controller, the omnipotent HE. Failures on the part of mankind leads to misery.

    Today, situations, technologies, opportunities etc aspects that form considerations for vows that could be used to GOVERN society and guide it to happiness have all changed from those that existed 6 decades ago. Today, we DEFINITELY have omni potent, highly efficient, safe, all pervading technologies that can be provided to our billions and yet be ever green omnipotent providers for trillions more and yet be able to sustain such solutions universally for ever and ever, all under real life conditions, amidst pangs, compulsions, trying situations that exist practically. Why are these solutions not being allowed to bloom and spread its wings when we very well know of its existence, potentiality etc? Why are vested interests being allowed to have the say? Are we aiming at universal solutions or ever growing list of woes? Do we want universal peace or ever spreading conflicts, wars, destructions of this or that?

    What we need to arrive at such a happy society is pure, honest constituents who will abide by their duties, their words, their commitments etc and live upto expectations and let others also to be live identically. Society need not have to expect anything at all from the other man. It would be enough if each individual does his duties to self, his own parents, elderly, kith and kin, employers, friends, relatives, well wishers etc. What we specifically DO NOT NEED is self exploding individuals who would do ANYTHING at throw of a loaf and / or a spicy talk by a this or a that person. We do not want corruption of minds. We do not want distraction of thought processes. Man is the most advanced creature and it is his thoughts that matter the most for his own development, for development of society, development of universe. An idle mind is a devil’s workshop.

    Devil and devils that take birth in individuals would go on breeding and spreading on and on perpetually so much so that it would be impossible to control the bio-bomb, psycho-bomb after a certain stage. The POLITICIANS who created those devils would silently vanish into quiet mode. They would have acquired that critical wealth, ability, power etc that would be needed to sustain that sort of situation. It would be common man, the society again that would bear the brunt of it all. By then, common man would not only have lost all that he earned, but would loose even the ability, the will power to be amongst winners, earners, contributors in / to society. What is the chaos that we are upto, when we are very well capable of ACHIEVING a universe that would be a safe, perpetually happy heaven for ALL equitably?

    Work is worship. Dividends of work can always be distributed equitably, even after death of an individual. But sins that get perpetrated on individuals can never be compensated for ever. Omni potent God has and will give all that it takes to make all of his creations happy. What we need is universal mechanisms that would enable distribution of that happiness. Why obscure such ways and means, keep suffering and allow such suffering to be a perpetual phenomenon at all? Why allow sins to be perpetrated on individuals when we can as well create happiness for one and all? Why should any of our breathren be inflicted with wounds, pains when we can as well create happiness for them?

    What we need is a society where individuals do not bother fellow beings for their own living, thriving, a this or a that etc. If POLITICIANS are not able to lead society into such high order goals, it would be better that they step aside now and allow such people who are capable of such wonders to contribute their might and enable such wonders possible practically. There is no question of feeling shy or guilty or lost at all. All are not possible of everything. God has created each of us with definite abilities and each of us are meant for definite tasks in his scheme of things. Definitely POLITICIANS and individuals who form their coterie are also humans and they have limitations beyond their own realms and domains of expertise. It would be a great service to the nation if POLITICIANS stop their disservice of maligned campaigns that spread viruses of different sorts in minds of people. It would be great service if these people are barred from spreading fear, hatred, illusions etc etc that are fully potent of creating mass hysteria, mass psychosis etc.

    It would be great service if POLITICIANS stop vilification of conscience, highly potent individuals who are capable off and are willing to bring about that sort of happy situations. These sorts of tasks are societal botherations and not individualistic at all. It is imperative to have entire societies to participate in such tasks. We need mass co-operation and not eruptions that are being attempted to by planned conspiracies by POLITICIANS.

    All developments take place through planned efforts. Each of them essentially have humble beginnings and are always nurtured to grow out to bigger levels. Thus, it is imperative to have conducive atmosphere and not destructive atmosphere that is being generated at the hatred campaigns of POLITICIANS. It is definitely a matter of concern that CMs, political parties etc are using mechanisms of the state to organize bandhs etc and are going about threatening more and that they would spread agitations across the length and breadth of the nation etc. Common man should not be cheated to this extent. He already has been heaped with enough of troubles. It needs to be expressly noted that it is his money, his contributions, his co-operation that enable running of state the way it is today.

    A person becomes illiterate in a new land, which might very well be adjascent to where he lives due to a number of factors like language, society, culture, tradition etc. It is imperative upon us to learn the new language, study the new society etc if at all we need to live in the new atmosphere.

    Every individual is a template. POLITICIANS are templates and cutouts prepared and meant only for definite stereo type situations. They find it difficult to adjust themselves to newer situations. It is like fish out of water situation. They cleverly try to cover up their inabilities with innovative ploys. Why allow them to spread disease to entire society for their inabilities, ofcourse? The average common man very well gets on well with his neighbour, the familiar faces during their travel to work, their work places etc etc real life situations. Normally, they are hardly interested in having or even knowing much beyond their small, routine humdrum co-operation which all come along due to human to human association with one another. Why allow POLITICIANS create an atmosphere where individuals would no longer be able to afford to share pleasantries with his fellow chums? No sooner, such normal, routine happenings would become luxuries and happenings of past if POLITICIANS are allowed to have their way the way they are upto now. The cutouts, the templates that individual POLITICIANS are made of do not match the present day situation, advancements, pace of developments etc. They should not be allowed to foment trouble by repeating the same speeches that they came out with once upon a time when they used to get into what they chose as their career and somehow managed to realize their materialistic objectives as well through that gift of gab. Thoughts that might have had currency decades ago have lost currency and steam today.

    Let philosophical minds get together and get ahead with the job of integrating society on missions, purposes, tasks, jobs etc. POLITICIANS, parties, organisaions etc are today delivering inflammatory speeches, involving in well acquainted skills etc to spread archaic thoughts; cause pain and misery to one or the other individual and profit out of it in one or the other way. The virus of the brains would be the biggest issue to control for mankind per se. It is imperative to become aware of this and ban ALL from such destructive acts.

    Lordships are right in having taken up the current matter for EXAMINATION. Let all aspects: who / who all is benefiting, how, where, when, under what circumstances etc; who / who all is loosing, where, when, how etc etc get examined fairly, objectively, transparently. Let there be no force on earth that will vitiate this. While situations were questionable right from beginning, politicians have extended this experiment repeatedly on & on. It is definitely time for objective evaluation and let it happen in the most fairest of ways and let it not get scuttled under any circumstance. Prayer for protection and all that it takes for all who want, are in process of bringing about a equitable, just system.

    Let opportunity to arrive at new, safe, smooth, all pervading, ever green, omnipotent alternatives that could deliver to billions perpetually not get scuttled under conspiracy, threat, muscle power, foolishness, arrogance etc of a this or a that individual, party, organization etc. Let philosophers lead the billions that we are into perpetual happiness. Let this be the beginning of the end for the archaic control mechanism that reservation is. Let there be no more pain, misery, discrimination for being born.

    Current edition of RESERVATION is a political innovation and a conspiracy that was conceived, hatched and delivered in record speed. There are many many many many ……… discrepancies on several several counts. This should not affect ANY innocent, honest man in anyway. There should be no room for further complications. This mechanism need not have to be tapped at the drop of the hat for anything and everything. It is not a panacea for all solutions that man has to explore and find for himself. This is not that Alladin lamp to keep rubbing at for anything and everything. This is practically the MOST painful, MOST misery causing solution. It takes sacrifice of some innocent, unseen person to create artificial happiness to someone else. This should not happen perpetually. This should not happen despite all the sophistications that we have today. There should be an end to miseries. Solutions have to be found to end miseries and not keep repeating lop sided, half baked, archaic painful mechanisms on and on without application of mind, logic etc.

    Numbers does not matter all the time. Had only mankind not taken to entrepreneurship and proceeded to arrive at solutions, the world would not have evolved at all. Let philosophers and their thoughts have its own weightage. Let it not be shouted down amidst din, terror etc. Let the all pervading system channelise its focus, efforts to achieve happiness to ALL equitably.

    No more free food to ANYBODY. All HAVE TO contribute to draw proportionately and live happily. RESERVATION per se has to GO OFF. All need happiness. All have limited life. Let there be an atmosphere that enables equitable and proportionate happiness to all contributors.

    Thank You,

    P. Suresh

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at Thu Apr 26, 04:58:00 PM GMT+5:30  

  • Date: May 10, 2007

    Dear Sir,
    Sub: 1) Prayer that legal recourse be taken against ALL for castigating lordships, whose very commissions, reports, surveys, committees etc have been used to THRUST reservation.
    2) Prayer that lordships enlighten common man through appropriate simulations, experimentations. Common man will pulverize evil forces and help administer justice all across, all over irrespective of any evil force at all. Enlightenment, empowerment of common man with practical nitty-gritties of his environment is need of hour.
    3) Prayer that lordships do not shirk away from their onerous responsibilities and shift their charge off. Common man has no other door to knock upon.
    4) Prayer for protection, welfare and all that it takes for ALL to render in happiness to ALL equitably.

    Children are born with immense potentialities. Today’s children are tomorrow’s society. Guiding them, channelising their energies in constructive directions leads to their personality development. Each child is different constituent and have independent traits, needs etc. Decisions depends upon several factors, including circumstantial situations. This is so complex, so dynamic that there cannot be set models or routines etc. But, all goes well so far as disciple – teacher stay in their domains, are willing to do their duties etc.

    It is very serious matter and practically not necessary to change preceptor if HE in the capacity of preceptor decides to beat the child.

    It is 6 decades now. There have been tremendous changes in technologies, situations, societal equations, needs etc. But, even well established techniques, products, technologies are not reaching masses. STONE buildings, their innovations (manipulations), rules that are manufactured to cover their deficiencies, innovative corruption, greed of individuals, backdoor appointments at ALL levels, manipulations that ensure free food from cradle to death etc etc are cause for this sort of a situation despite God blessing us with all it takes for ALL of us to be happy.

    Philosophers, learned citizens etc act and produce some wonders. Simply emulating them will bring in happiness in ones life. But, message has to pass to all concerned. It has to be propagated and allowed to live even amidst trying circumstances that normally arises during trial and growth periods. It is imperative upon all concerned to allow maturation, proliferation. Stone building occupants resort to eating at these preliminary efforts itself. Neither does improvements happen, nor does proliferation happen. Just what ever gets generated is being used to generate jobs and authorize some backdoor appointment of this or that person’s blood relative or friend or acquaintance etc, formation of committees etc which organize seminars / conferences / meetings that gulp colas, lunches, dinners, discotheques, balls etc etc. Adjustments and mutual understandings have resulted in abysmal progress even on well established fronts, let alone need to innovate and improve upon what has been achieved. Over all result has been so abysmal that even even minimal levels of progress has not been achieved. It is 6 decades already and almost 3 successive generations have already finished or are in the process of exhausting their useful lives and careers. Corruption that has been well nurtured is all set to eat up all meaningful efforts for all infinite times to come.

    It is time for EXAMINATION. RESERVATION is definitely amongst foremost of matters needing thorough audit. Let there be a million simulations / experimentations etc on different aspects of reservation vis-à-vis TECHNOLOGIES etc. Let common man not be in dark on how rules are manufactured, what all dimensions they assume, who benefits, how, when, who pays, why, how, what their contemporaries do, what rules mean to different people, how they are USED by different people, what are circumstances under which different things happen at different end at different points of time at different needs / situations, what all metamorphosis takes place at hands of billion innovators that we are, what are advantages / disadvantages etc etc. Let it be simulations, brain stormings galore all along.

    What is wrong in having an objective audit of what has been happening, what can happen if this gets continued etc? Why be afraid of this sort of a transparent, fair examination? Why not be amenable to newer, safer, smoother, more efficient methodologies and possibilities?

    Aspects and limitations of time, place, context are very important when it comes to involvement of lives of millions. Why be cause for tears of some innocent person when there are ways and means to bring in joy on all such faces, all across, all over which number in millions? Millions of weeping population leave their entire families weeping over despondency. Why should state mechanism get involved in such acts, when it can as well be benevolent, kind, all pervading, all supportive, all accommodative for ALL equitably, justly? This sort of transparent brain storming audit is a MUST. What matters is the quality of the audit and not the auditor. Let there be no misunderstanding on the entirety of these aspects.

    All have limited life. All work to reach their objectives. Let there not be any authorization for any sort of cheating by anybody. It pains. It destroys all good work that has been done. Why rob some of one or other thing to render in happiness to some others when God has blessed with all that it takes to make ALL happy and we very well have means to ensure that? Politics is politics. Work is worship. Inequalities in dividends can always be settled, even after death of person. But, injustice done to individuals can NEVER be undone. There are no shortcuts for success. Falling for illusions and mirages are adding several dimensions to issues that have already become complex.

    Lordships whose commissions, surveys, reports, committees etc etc have been used by POLITICIANS to THRUST reservation have taken up the task of examining this EXPERIMENT for its efficacy, validity, aptness, continuance etc. So far as this examination of national importance is a transparent process, children should not cry foul. If there are mistakes, it is imperative upon children to accept mistakes, learn to do well. There will be opportunities to make good in the examination, another examination later on etc. But, it is DEFINITELY not correct to cast doubt on examination itself. It is very difficult to get good examiners. Technologies have rendered individuals, place, time etc immaterial. The whole examination can be telecast live for trillions to participate in it in their respective capacities.

    Let there be no illusion at all. Common man is being kept in the dark by motivated persons, vested interests etc for selfish reasons. Let there be true education, a education that begins at the very home, the most homely way around, for the home. Let common man be educated about his very existence. This is prime, the first and foremost task for climbing up the ladder right into heaven.

    We need self indulging happy workers all across society. We definitely do not need confused, aimless, ill motivated, self exploding human bombs who would do ANYTHING at the throw of a loaf and / or accompanied by a spicy, juicy word from a this or a that icon of theirs.

    This is an opportunity to render every individual into being a personality for the universe to look upon. This is an opportunity to truly empower common man. Let wisdom prevail. Let objective, transparent examination lead society into higher echelons.

    Let there be sessions, league, counties, one dayers, day-night matches, semi finals, quarter finals, etc etc. Let each of it have different shades of points depending on level of importance, quality of question on simulation etc. Let any single aspect not determine the outcome. Let there be proportional, fair weightage. Common man is definitely eligible to know what happens, has been happening, what all can happen under different circumstances in stone buildings that thrust upon them and influence all aspects of their personal lives. The need of the hour is to have enlightened common man and not blind following by masses. Let philosophy guide society and not brute force, greed, blind faith in a this or a that icon etc.

    It is time for those critical 6s and 4s in limited version simulation sessions. There can be only two persons at the crease at any point in time and there can be only 11 players for the side. In combination with technologies, infinite population can take sides and go about the game!

    It is imperative to draw parallels. When it comes to matters of national importance, we need to have the best and not mediocre. Too many cooks spoil the broth. Today, society has technologies at its disposal to reach billions. Moderations have been enabled a lot.

    Performing one’s duty is very difficult. Excellence is even more difficult. Common man knows it. Our society is several thousands of years old and not 60 years as what POLITICIANS confuse today’s children, ignorant people, greedy people etc. We did not become so populous overnight. Neither can ANYBODY say authentically that we number this much even today. There ARE huge percentage of irregularities in very data owing to several deficiencies, inabilities, factors, circumstances etc. Despite all these and several, several other complacencies, individuals doing their national duties are definitely GREAT. They need all support, protection, encouragement and all that it takes for them to perform their duties.

    Casting aspirations on very examiners, crying ALOUD, thumping desks, etc arm twisting should DEFINITELY be viewed seriously. PIL should be filed for contempt of court by POLITICIANS, groups, lobbies, political parties, vested interests, white collar govt roll call persons designated as this or that etc. Suitable PUNISHMENT should be meted out to one and all for this sort of vilification, black mailing, tormenting individuals who are out there doing their national duty.

    Prayer for protection, welfare and all that it takes for individuals who work, perform, do their duties etc to reach nation to higher order goals instead of resorting to politiKING, confusing etc.

    Let there be no force on earth to scuttle lordships performing their national duties. Enlightened common man would help administer justice all across, always. Let there be no force who would scuttle lordships, trouble them etc. Let the examination have million questions, simulations, experimentations etc etc on all routes that could be used to achieve same end objective, happiness for all genuine people.

    Majority of so called pErmanent, on rolls that plunder common man permanently are illegal backdoor entrants. They go on and on to keep plundering without doing anything at all, but manufacturing lies, crime etc and covering them up by manufacturing rules. Let this stop. Let volumes of food to eat, dwellings to live, water to drink etc be practical reality in this birth of ours. Let not defective rules, lies, confusions, mischieves, deficiencies of one or other individual / group / politician / party etc etc ruin the wonderful opportunity for common man to see for himself avenues at his disposal. Let this opportunity for individuals who can set examples which could then be emulated by billions for ever and ever to realize happiness in their own lives not be scuttled. Let this be an opportunity for intellectual networking, forging alliances amongst professionals from different walks of life. Let all that is needed to render happiness to billions perpetually and remain perpetual for ever and ever be possible practically.

    Let there be no authoritative sanction to hound individuals for factors beyond one’s control. Let every individual graduate to be self dependent personality in itself. Let every individual be capable of everything that it takes for him to be happy. Let state mechanism not be used for bringing about artificial happiness. Let true happiness pervade entire society.

    It is time to decide whether archaic control mechanism that politics is should continue at all. All through history of civilization, man can see that politics kills. Why indulge in it on and on? Why throw pebbles at murk and get soaked in dirt when we can as well stay away and remain happy for ever and ever? It is time to ponder on why we cannot render in systems right in place that would automate possibilities and essentialities that would enable empowerment of one and all and enable realize happiness by one and all so far as they are willing to work to get their goals, so far they are honest, so far as they do not indulge in arson, robbing etc illegalities etc desirable qualities / parameters.

    Prayer that lordships do not run away from performing their duties to the nation. Common man has no other door to knock. Prayer that lordships set examples for society to follow. Prayer that no force succeed in creating doubts on their individual performances. Prayer that ALL who indulge in vilification be framed in PIL etc legal, God allowed means. Prayer that miscreants, who ever it be, where ever it be, whatever they are designated, what ever be their money / muscle etc power etc etc be punished suitably for indulging in castigating, creating scenes, threatening, tormenting, misusing law etc to keep away society from benefiting out of exemplary contributors. Common man needs happiness and not politics. Common man is DEFINITELY with the sides that lordships have taken. It is imperative to help common man identify lordships for being on their sides and taking risks to render happiness to him. Enlightened common man would definitely enable justice to get administered right across, all over society. Prayer that lordships do not shirk away their responsibilities. Prayer that lordships use this opportunity to set new professional, ethical, moral etc standards that would make India proud. Mankind, universe per se would be thankful to them. Common man needs these gems, selfless individuals.

    Thank You,

    P. Suresh

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at Thu May 10, 05:31:00 PM GMT+5:30  

  • Date: May 17, 2007

    Sub: 1) Sincere prayer that an appeal get filed for review of referral to larger bench. 2) What is needed is simulation of different situations of control due to reservation v/s
    opportunities that technologies offer. Media, technologies etc will reach court room to trillions. So, fair simulation is important and not unfair pressure.

    Sincere prayer that there be reconsideration for referral to larger bench.

    What is needed is fair simulation of different situation on RESERVATION as control mechanism, v/s TECHNOLOGIES as all pervading, all providing mechanism.

    Media, technologies etc would enable reach court rooms to trillions across the globe.

    Sincere prayer for appeal to lordships to revert the decision.

    Thank You,

    P. Suresh

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at Thu May 17, 12:43:00 PM GMT+5:30  

  • Dt: July 25, 2007

    What was forcefully imposed as EXPERIMENT through commission, committee, survey, study etc is 6 decades now. 3 successive generations of honest people who invested their everything, got tuned, lost their prime life etc have got maimed for no fault at all, cause being the “RULE OF THE GAME is changed”. Reason for out is cause for in and vice-versa. God blessed, time tested virtues that have stood society since civilization and those building blocks and edifices of society per se is being unshackled. Cracks are clearly visible. Tremors are clearly sensed. Calamities are bound to happen. Devastating earthquakes are going to happen. It is imperative upon all to save society from this danger through prudent and timely action. It is very much in place to place on record that honesty, need to work for happiness, saving for rainy day, courteousness etc are attributes that should not be done away with, relaxed, dilly dallied upon etc. Political expediencies etc need not have to sway society. Ours is a land of nobility. Relief is always workable and society would definitely bear the weight f it all. But, nothing is more ruinous than destroying a society that has been built. Let few not cause blindness, senselessness and lead society in wrong directions. Let society awake to reality. Society is under peril at the hands of politicians.

    Politics kills. Work is worship. Let there be no prejudice. Let there be no laxity to work. Magics do not run society. It is work done by our elders that is feeding us today. It is imperative upon society to work today to feed our younger generations and sustain mankind, life on earth. God has given all that it takes to make all happy and will continue to provide so. It is imperative upon man to use them judiciously, in the most permissible and balanced way and sustain life for ever. All happenings in God’s universe follow definite pattern. It is imperative upon man, the super being with ability to think to study these rules and learn to innovate ways and means that are akin to them, those that do not violate fundamental rules, those that can be sustained without posing additional demands on resources or subjects who need to live due to it and benefit out of it etc. It is imperative to understand that nature has definite horizons and limits too. Expected effects result and happenings happen only when these boundaries are adhered to and not other wise. Inquisitiveness, greed, ignorance, arrogance etc should not lead to cutting open the goose that lays one golden egg per day, but all the days throughout the year, all through its life. Society will be in for surprises that Midas had. Why get into troubles, trouble our fellow brethren, destroy society that is otherwise happy etc when all that is needed is to be honest, dutiful, dedicated and such simple things? Why stick the head into lion’s mouth when we can very well hold our head high enough, dignifiedly without this risk? Is society not having enough of opportunities for heroics? Well, we lack means to get through ways and means, create innovative ones and explore new ones too.

    Over the six decades since imposition of this archaic, painful, onesided control mechanism, RESERVATION, technologies have improved to very advanced levels. Not withstanding that, they can be worked upon to innovate even more and fine tuned for further perfection, efficacy etc. They do not pose much demand on society and all that is needed is that they are used by society for prosperity. But, the fundamental pre-requisite is honesty, dedication. It is imperative to record that it needs chain of honesty, dedication etc. The chain is as strong as the weakest link. The link itself exists only if continuity exists.

    It is time to wake up to reality. POLITICIANS, in their urge to stick to those advantageous controlling positions are out to ruin counts that matter the most. Attributes are being INVENTED for political expediency. Talks, rumors, gossips, soothsays etc do not sustain society. Resources bring about happiness. It is imperative upon all to work for those resources, contribute to accumulations and live happily through them.

    Lure for free food for lifetime entice some to do ANYTHING. People who need to guard turn to be utter disappointment. Majority of OFF-i-cers are backdoor entrants themselves. While their very entry into so called pErmanent rolls (common man’s doles) is questionable, they sustain through their 40 plus years on rolls and the rest of their lives later on not because of work and contributions, but by machinations, manipulations etc. It is all innovations galore all through their life. Not even God given conscience works in majority of cases. More the extent of stake, the stake etc more is the innovation. Common man never experiences to, by, for that is supposed to be and vaguely promised. Hands that feed is never at peace. It is turmoil, sweat, bruises etc all through the life span that God has ordained that life to be on this planet that all of us sharing at this point in time.

    No more free food to anybody. All need happiness. All HAVE TO contribute, to draw proportionately and live happily for ever and ever. Prayer that lordships do not allow any room for ambiguity etc and allow themselves to be USED. It is time for objective evaluation of the 6 decades of EXPERIMENT vis-à-vis ways and means that have proven, far better efficacy. Common man is suffering for no fault at all as POLITICIANS have USED and caused misuse of very lordships and the purpose they represent. Prayer that all that is needed to remove this archaic control mechanism, RESERVATION get into action. Prayer that pain does not keep extending, shifting locations etc. Let the accident victim get due attention and not be subjected to more pain, risk etc etc. What is very much in hand should not be delayed, denied etc and cause casualty. Lordships are the only resort for common man to save his sweat, blood, hard earned earnings. Let fence not turn to be a predator itself or even deny its duty. Prayer that RESERVATION per se GOOOOOOOOOOOOOO and that lordships take all action that are appropriate to ensure end of this EXPERIMENT once and for all.

    Thank You,

    P. Suresh

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at Wed Jul 25, 11:29:00 AM GMT+5:30  

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